Which Wich Catering Menu and Prices Latest 2021

Which Wich Catering Menu and Prices Latest 2021

Which What catering is a fast-food establishment chain that is located in the US. The restaurant is a specialist in salads and sandwiches. The restaurant is famous for its sandwiches that are the best.

The restaurant for sandwiches was established by Jeff Sinelli in 2003. The restaurant is located in more than 400 locations spread across 36 states across the US and around the world. Menu items offered in the restaurant are designed to meet the preferences of customers. Catering, delivery, and pick-up services are provided at the restaurant.

Which Wich Catering Menu

The restaurant can cater to small and large-scale events such as gatherings, parties, or school functions. The menu is different at various locations and is prepared upon request. Customers love the restaurant because it lets customers be creative in creating their own sandwiches or salads. It also encourages the spirit of adventure and innovation in each bite.

Which Wich Catering Menu 2021

Item Price
Wich Trays (serves 8-12)
Traditional Tray – Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Tomato & Avocado, and Chicken $60.00
Custom Trays (serves 8-12)
Choose up to 5 wiches from our selection of 51 wiches. $60.00
Breakfast Wich Tray (serves 8-12)
Ham & Egg, Bacon & Egg, Sausage & Egg, and Veggies & Egg $50.00
Easy Meal Tray (serves 8-12)
10 Pack (Your choice of wiches, assorted bagged chips, and cookies) $80.00
6 Pack (Your choice of wiches, assorted bagged chips, and cookies) $50.00
Salad Tray (serves 6-8)
Chef Salad $40.00
Cobb Salad $40.00
Greek Salad $40.00
House Salad $35.00
Combo Tray (serves 8-12)
Choose any 3 wiches and 1 salad. $75.00
One Dozen $13.00
Two Dozen $26.00
Three Dozen $39.99
One Dozen $20.00
Two Dozen $38.00
Three Dozen $55.00
Gallon of Lemonade $8.00
Gallon of Sweet Tea $8.00
A gallon of Unsweet Tea $8.00
Canned Soda $1.00
Bottled Water $1.75

Pros Of Which Wich Catering 2021

The restaurant is known for its unique ordering system. Customers have the option to design and select their individual bread and fillings. There are a variety of toppings available and many kinds of bread.

Customers receive sharpies or markers to note their orders on the bag, indicating their names. When bags are handed to the foodservice attendant and the salad or sandwich will be prepared freshly made from scratch.

The catering service offered by the restaurant is also quick and efficient. The ingredients and salads utilized remain fresh and brand new. When the food items are delivered, they are put in boxes to keep them fresh.

Market Basket Catering 2021

How to Order From Which Catering

There are three simple steps to place an order on Which Wich. The three steps are as follows: following:

  • Find the nearest location Customers should determine the location that can accommodate their needs. The locations listed are on the website.
  • Place your order choose from the menu options available at the restaurant. When choosing their orders, the customer should be aware of the style and type of bread they want and the type of meat they want, and the kind of cheese they will make use of.
  • Call the store to confirm your order through the phone and confirm the details such as pick-up and delivery information.

For orders for groups, clients can pick platters of which trays or salad platters, combo trays boxes of lunches, and many other options. Every order can be made to order and cater for five to 15 guests.

That accepts orders on the internet. Catering for big events Customers can place their orders two days before the event. Credit and cash payments are accepted at the restaurant.

Which is the best way to present your Reviews

Which catering company is a restaurant that caters to customers. The restaurant also gives nutritional information for each sandwich or salad it makes. All ingredients are fresh, healthy, and safe.

The prices for the food are competitive and fair in the marketplace. Prices can vary based on variables such as the size, the meat that is used, the bread that is used, and the fillings that are used.

For orders for groups, prices are based on the number of diners in attendance and the kind of salad or sandwich you choose to order. The more guests, the more expensive the price.

For combos and platters at the restaurant, the prices and portions are set. Customers must purchase more to serve their guests. The usual servings for platters and combos are for up to 20 persons.

If customers use the delivery or pick-up services at the establishment, the high quality and freshness of food will be maintained. The customers will receive exactly what they have ordered.

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