Wegmans Catering Menu And prices 2021

Wegmans Catering was established in the year 1916 in 1916 by Walter as well as John Wegman in Rochester, New York.

It has been part of the same family since its inception. The company was named by Fortune magazine’s top 4 spot on the list of companies you Would Like to work for. They are also involved in charitable organizations that aid in reducing hunger. They give money regular food donations to local food banks to assist those who are in need.

Wegmans offers 184 stores across New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts. They’re committed to bringing only the best and freshest food items to their customers, and the company has done it for more than 100 years. It is safe to say that when you visit Wegmans you’re getting closer to a healthier lifestyle through delicious food.

Wegmans Catering Menu update 2021

Item Price

Wegmans Catering Wegmans Buffet and Trays Menu 2021

Wegmans Buffet and Trays

Wegmans Buffet $17.50/person
Wegmans Vegie Tray Medium $27
Large $37
Wegmans Fruit Tray Medium $30
Large $40
Vegetable Tray Large $70
Sliced Fruit Platter Medium $75
Large $85
Crudites Platter Medium $65
Large $85
Cheese Trays $49-$149
Shrimp Tray 24 Count $29
40 Count $55
60 Count $80
Cubed Cheese & Fruit Tray Medium $40
Large $50
Cubed Cheese & Meat Tray Medium $45
Large $55
Snackers Tray Large $55
Deviled Eggs Tray Medium $16

Wegmans Catering Wegmans Sushi Trays Menu 2021

Wegmans Catering Wegmans Sushi Trays

Sushi Sensation Tray
Serves 15-30; 85 pieces
Sushi Celebration Tray
Serves 10-18; 58 pieces
Sushi Veggie Garden PlatterServes
10-18; 60 pieces
The Grand Sushi Tray
Serves 15-30; 80 pieces
Heart Sushi Tray
Serves 15-30; 88 pieces
Kids Like Sushi Too
Serves 10-18; 64 pieces
Sushi Deluxe Tray
Serves 15-30; 82 pieces
Sushi Favorite Tray
Serves 10-18; 56 pieces
Sushi Party Family Pack 21oz
32 pieces
Cooked Sushi Family Pack 16oz
24 pieces
Spicy Sushi Family Pack 15oz
24 pieces
Skinny Sushi Roll Family Pack 14oz
24 pieces

Pros of Wegmans catering

The idea of entertaining guests shouldn’t be a burden, or cause stress your life. Find catering from Wegmans for the perfect party you’re organizing.

You’ll only need to select from their extensive menu, and then order ahead of time to make sure that you have the options available. You can choose from sushi, pizzas cheese, vegetables fruits, seafood and pasta.

Wegmans considers everything when they think about catering. The package includes everything you need to serve your guests.

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How to order from Wegmans catering 

If you’re hosting guests or providing food at a gathering it is essential to have an appropriate selection of healthy and delicious foods. Wegmans makes it simple for you by providing a catering catalog.

It’s easy to order You just have to go to their website and look through their catalog , where they offer the entire menu and party packages, and other party items. You can select what you wish you’d like to purchase, then browse.

The nearest Wegmans by dialing their number and place an order online. You can also visit to their Catering Department or Prepared foods.

The Wegmans catalog can change during various seasons, as the availability of ingredients could have changed. Order your items early; up to 24 hours prior to the date of your party. You can then pick up your order from your local shop.

On the menu you are able to select from their various packages. The most popular is The Game Day Party package that will serve 16-20 guests. It includes a combo sandwich and wrap tray Baked potatoes, vegetables tray Tortilla chips as well as smoked chicken wings and the utensils.

If you’re planning to host an event for lunch that is between 12-16 guests, the Sub-Lover’s Lunch Party Package is the perfect choice. The package includes an Sub Lovers Tray with large bag of Wegmans Wavy Chips and a small fresh fruit platter as well as a Caesar salad large enough to serve a crowd. chocolate cookies.


There are many options that you can choose out of their selection. It is possible that you will find something to please even the most picky eaters. The menu at Wegmans has Asian options, Mediterranean, sushi, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits sandwiches and wraps sandwiches, salads and international cheeses many entrees, a variety of sides breakfast menu, pastries and other dishes and, of course, dessert.

An intimate group of around 12 people getting meals and sides, including a fruit or vegetable platter could cost approximately $125. The options for food choices are endless. You can choose to have dinner of chicken Parmesan Lasagna and sliced Honey brined Turkey breasts tenderloin of beef, and more.

A larger group of 16 people eating entrees, the side dishes that include vegetables or fruit as well as dessert could cost $195. There’s a wealth of options to pick from the side menu: coleslaw, roasted vegetables, garlicky greens the quinoa and kale cakes.

20 guests eating two mains and a selection of options for sides, such as fruit, vegetables and platters with drinks and desserts could cost about $240. At this price you will have more options, and you can ensure that your guests be awed by your celebration.

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