Vons Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Vons Catering Menu Prices and Review

Vons Catering If you are hosting a party it is important to make certain that your guests are taken well. In order to ensure they have fun, you will require a wide variety of food options, excellent music, and a welcoming location.

Small groups of 10 who would receive buffalo wings along with a tomato and mozzarella shooter platter could cost around 70 dollars. A moderately sized group of 15 who would be getting the classic shrimp platter, as well as cheese platter, will cost about $100. A larger group of 20 people getting the New York Deli Platter and a Fruit Salad Platter is about $125.

vons catering menu

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Vons Catering Menu 2021

Item Price
16” Breakfast Platter $9.99
16” Coffee Break Platter $9.99
16″ Gourmet Roll Platter $9.99
Spinach Dip Party Bowl $16.49
Veggies & Hummus $27.49
Monster Fruit Platter $21.99
Pinwheels & Strawberries $21.99
Party Pinwheels $27.49
Mediterranean Medley $43.99
Italian Picnic $54.09
Classic Tea Sandwich $19.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser $29.99
Le Petite Croissant $29.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Tray $29.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) $39.99
Fresh Fruit Platter $24.99
Primo Taglio Cheese & Fruit Nibbler $32.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses $49.99
Signature Cafe Chicken Snack Tray $22.99
Maki Platters $19.99
Assorted Platter $39.99
Dessert Platter $19.99

Pros of Vons catering 2021

If you’re planning to host an event but aren’t able to cook food for your guests, Vons catering will be the solution. From small gatherings to massive corporate occasions, entertaining has become easy and affordable thanks to Vons catering.

You can offer a range of meals for your guests, even if you have an affordable budget. Vons catering provides a wide selection of finger food items including cheese, chicken sandwiches, and others. There is never a shortage of options to satisfy your catering requirements.

How to order from Vons catering 2021

Vons Deli is famous for its tasty sandwiches and because Vons catering falls under their deli department you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality food prepared with fresh ingredients.

You can place an order with Vons catering services by calling directly to the store or by visiting their department of the deli. For access to their catering service, the only thing you have to do is find the Vons location closest to your home.

To locate the Vons store closest to you

  • Visit the website vons.com.
  • Simply click on it to open the Store Locator at the top of the page.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page. In the search box put in your street address or city name, state, or zip code. Select the Search icon.
  • This page is now showing all the shops in your local area. Select the nearest one to you.
  • The details of the store will be displayed. Take note of their location and telephone number.

Once you have the proper number, contact them by phone and request to speak to one of their employees in their department or the deli. The staff will assist you to pick the ideal platter for your event and make your selection from there.

Make sure to place your order two days before the event date since it is required by the majority of the stores.

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Vons Catering Reviews 

In terms of the food options available, Vons catering will never be left out with its extensive menu of low-cost platters.

You can pick from their signature platters, Italian-inspired platters, or Maki platters. They’ll surely satisfy any cravings for food you might have.

Estimated price for various dishes and platters

  • For groups of 4-6people, prices range from $240 to 360.
  • In groups with 8-15 people, the cost is between $480 and 900.
  • For groups of 20 or over, the estimated cost is $1,200 or more.

Delivery options vary from one store to the next, so it is best to inquire at the store if they provide delivery when you place and make an order.

In comparison to other catering companies, Vons catering remains to be the cheapest catering available.

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