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After you have taken a look at Portillo’s menu prices, call 866-YUMBEEF to place your order. This was necessary because it would be a lot of fun to dial. Online ordering is also possible.

Portillo’s is well-known for its hot dogs and beef, burgers, salads, and other foods. This is a unique option because they can ship the food anywhere in the USA. They are so confident in their food that they offer it to all cities across the country.

Check out the full catering menu and prices below for more details.

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Portillo’s Catering Ready To Ship Anywhere In The USA

Italian Beef Deluxe Package 8 Sandwiches $79.95
Italian Beef Party Package 20 Sandwiches $169.95
Hot Dogs 10 $59.95
Hot Dog Party Package 20 $172.95
Bar-B-Q Ribs 2 $79.95
Tamales 36 $79.95

Portillo’s Catering Bowl Of Salads Menu

Portillo's Catering Bowl Of Salads

Garden Salad Small $19.99
Garden Salad Large $33.99
Chopped Salad Small $23.99
Chopped Salad Large $43.99
Caesar Salad Small $20.99
Caesar Salad Large $35.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Small $23.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Large $43.99
Greek Salad Small $23.99
Greek Salad Large $43.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon Salad Small $23.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon Salad Large $43.99
Mediterranean Pasta Salad Small $10.99

Portillo’s Catering Meat And Pasta Entrees 2021

Portillo's Catering Meat And Pasta Entrees

Famous Italian Beef 1lb $11.95
Famous Italian Beef 2-1/2 lb $29.75
Italian Sausage 12 Pc. $25.99
Italian Sausage 24 Pc. $47.99
Mostaccioli Small $27.99
Mostaccioli Large $43.99
Baked Mostaccioli Serves 8 $32.99
Chicken Tenders Serves 8 $21.99

Portillo’s Catering Side Entrees Menu 2021

Hot Beef Gravy $7.50
Leaves Of French Bread Fresh Daily $3.75
Sweet Or Hot Peppers Small $2.99
Sweet Or Hot Peppers Large $4.99
Salad Dressing Jar $3.99
Marinara Sauce $5.99

Portillo’s Catering Service Items Menu 2021

Full Heating Kit $7.00
Reusable Chafing Racks $3.99
Serving Fork And Spoon Set $0.99
Single-Use Canned Heat $1.49
Tableware Set-up Serves 10 $4.00

Portillo’s Catering Desserts Menu and Prices

Portillos Famous Chocolate Cake Serves 10 $19.49
Italian Strawberry Shortcake Serves 10 $23.99


Dick Portillo founded Portillo’s in 1963. Portillo spent all his savings on a hotdog stand. Although it was difficult at first, the business quickly grew to what it is today.
The company currently operates over 50 restaurants across the United States. The restaurant is also expanding in Florida and Indiana, outside of Illinois.


Portillo’s branches can be diner-style and can accommodate many people at a time. There are also branches that offer more intimate seating.

The food is excellent. Tourists can get a good idea of the best Illinois has to offer in terms of food by looking at the menu.

Customers who are new to the restaurant recommend that they try their baby’s back ribs. You can also enjoy smoothies, shakes, and malts.

The restaurant’s customer service is also a positive feature. The staff has been praised by customers for being friendly and welcoming.

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