Pinkberry Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Pinkberry Catering Menu Prices Guide

Pinkberry is a catering franchise that is renowned for its delicious frozen yogurt. It is made with real yogurt and milk and fresh products, Pinkberry offers a unique flavor that is a delight to the palate.

There are three kinds of catering services offered including Full Service, Drop-Off, and Pick-Up. With all three options, Pinkberry customizes your event with a wide range of flavors and toppings. Deliciously designed with a variety of top-quality toppings and fresh-cut fruit, customers really love Pinkberry’s delicious food, including ice cream, yogurt, and more. This is what makes Pinkberry stand out from the others.

Pinkberry Catering Menu

Pinkberry began with the launch of Pinkberry in Los Angeles, California in 2005 by Hye Kyung Hwang. Since then, they’ve grown into a renowned name in the industry of frozen yogurt. This led to the company’s phenomenal growth across the nation. With more than 240 stores around the world, there are Pinkberry stores in malls, shopping centers airports, and on campuses of schools. Additionally, each store’s contemporary design gives everyone the experience of eating meals in the comfort of their home.

Pinkberry Catering Menu 2021

Item Price
Drop Off (small) $5.95/person
Drop Off (medium) $6.95/person
Drop Off (large) $7.95/person
Full Service (small) $7.20/person
Full Service (medium) $8.40/person
Full Service (large) $9.60/person

Pros of Pinkberry Catering

Pinkberry provides a variety of catering options to offer you the most practical solution for your special event. Customers also enjoy relaxing and enjoyable experiences because they can personalize and mix and mix refreshing yogurts with their favorite fresh fruits and toppings.

From unique products, amazing service, and inspirational design of stores, Pinkberry is never disappointing to please not just the eyes of its customers, but also their senses. Their uniqueness and timeless design are instantly identifiable from the competition.

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How to place an order with Pinkberry catering

Pinkberry’s famous menu includes the following:

  • Tart Frozen Yogurt
  • Sweet Frozen Yogurt
  • Low-Fat Milk Ice Cream
  • Fresh Hand-Cut Fruits

The pink cards can be used for ordering as well as to get all the rewards. Simply install the Pink card mobile app for Android or iPhone or go to your local Pinkberry retailer for activation of the account and then have it issued a registration number.

It is important to know these catering services available:

  • Full-Service Full Service Pinkberry team members will stay at the location of your event to serve you and your guests.
  • Drop Off Drop Off Pinkberry places your order in specific areas that your guests can top with their own.
  • Pick Up

Pick-up is made by calling the Pinkberry local store. Your order will be delivered within 30 minutes. The store locator can be used to locate the Pinkberry store closest to you.

Pinkberry catering is the perfect solution for your needs at any event. It is a great option catering for weddings, corporate functions, corporate parties celebrations, birthday parties, family gatherings, and other special occasions.

Pinkberry Catering Reviews

When it comes to options available, Pinkberry has a wide variety of delicious flavor options and yogurt toppings. This allows you to choose the ideal flavor to entice your senses and is sure to give your guests a pleasant and enjoyable experience that they will remember forever.

Regarding the delivery and pickup alternatives Freshly made Pinkberry products are delivered in coolers that are insulated. Dry ice helps keep them cool. For pick Up orders, the product is packed in a bag, which is insulated and stays cold for 45 mins.

Prices and services vary according to market and region However, since Pinkberry provides only the very best of their products and services the price is what you get for your money.

Despite the competition on the market offering similar products, Pinkberry plays well in regards to cost. Every cent counts because Pinkberry guarantees quality at an affordable price.

For the best price information, fill out the form on their website. Their customer service is top-notch and would be more than pleased to help you.

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