Panda Express Catering Menu Prices 2021

Panda Express is a fast-casual restaurant that serves a mix of American and Chinese dishes. There are combo meals available that allow patrons to select the fried or steamed rice, chow mein, and mixed vegetable.

Panda Express also offers catering services that are ideal for corporate events and special meetings. Its menu for catering is packed with platters of appetizers, party platters as well as chicken, shrimp rice, desserts, and rice. It is renowned because of its famous dish: which is the orange chicken. It’s essentially a boneless, crispy chicken cooked in spicy and sweet orange juice.

Panda Express is a member of the Panda Group Restaurant, which also runs other Asian restaurants, such as Hibachi-San, the Panda Inn, and Hibachi-San. It was established in 1973 by Andrew Cherng in Glendale, California just a decade after Panda Inn was established in 1973. It first opened its doors outside of California in 1987. The company currently has more than 1,600 locations in 47 states and over the world.

Panda Express Catering Menu 2021

Item Price

Panda Express Catering 12-16 People Menu 

2 Party Tray Sides, 2 Party Tray Entrees, Fortune Cookies $99.00

Panda Express Catering 18-22 People Menu

Panda Express Catering Menu 18-22 People

3 Party Tray Sides, 3 Party Tray Entrees, Fortune Cookies $139.00

Panda Express Catering 26-30 People Menu

4 Party Tray Sides, 4 Party Tray Entrees, Fortune Cookies $179.00

Panda Express Catering Entrees Menu And Prices

Panda Express Catering Entrees

Pacific Chili Shrimp (Party Tray) $52.00
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (Party Tray) $37.00
Orange Chicken (Party Tray) $37.00
SweetFire Chicken Breast (Party Tray) $37.00
String Bean Chicken Breast (Party Tray) $37.00
Kung Pao Chicken (Party Tray) $37.00
Mushroom Chicken (Party Tray) $37.00
Black Pepper Chicken (Party Tray) $37.00
Beijing Beef (Party Tray) $37.00
Shanghai Angus Steak (Party Tray) $52.00
Broccoli Beef (Party Tray) $37.00
Honey Walnut Shrimp (Party Tray) $52.00
Mixed Veggies (Party Tray) $13.00
Veggie Spring Roll (Party Tray) $37.00
Chicken Egg Roll (Party Tray) $37.00
Crispy Shrimp (Party Tray) $37.00
Cream Cheese Rangoon (Party Tray) $29.00

Panda Express Catering Sides Menu 2021

Sides Panda Express Catering

Chow Mein (Party Tray) $13.00
Fried Rice (Party Tray) $13.00
White Steamed Rice (Party Tray) $13.00
Brown Steamed Rice (Party Tray) $13.00
Mixed Veggies (Party Tray) $13.00

Panda Express Catering Drinks Menu 2021

Drinks Panda Express Catering

Aquafina $1.90
Gatorade Lemon-Lime $2.20
Ocean Spray Apple Juice $2.00

Pros of Panda Express Catering

If you’re thinking of serving meals to your guests that are different from the typical American taste, then choosing Panda Express catering services is the best option.

Panda Express Catering offers a variety of delicious and original food options on large plates, which include popular dishes such as Orange Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken. The menus are all delicious and include appetizers and desserts.

With their catering services, Panda Express takes charge of all the details from plates to utensils. Fortune biscuits are available.

Benefits of Panda Express Catering

  • When we host a family gathering or an office event, it can be difficult to cater to an enormous number of guests.
  • The moment that Panda Express Catering comes into the picture, Panda Express Catering is the ideal choice for large crowds. Because of its superior quality, far exceeding the typical American taste.
  • Express Catering provides a range of tasty and original meals served on large plates. They all come with tasty starters and delicious desserts. It enhances the whole experience of food and the event is essential to repeat.
  • Additionally, when you use Panda Express Catering Services, they will take care of every single aspect. There will not be having any issues managing your catering.
  • Panda Express Catering will take charge of everything from plates and utensils to the scrumptiousness of food. They also provide Fortune cookies.

How to Order from Panda Express Catering

  • The most popular choices for dinner at Panda Express Catering are orange chicken and Kung Pao chicken along with broccoli beef. There is an additional cost for some meals, such as Shanghai Angus Steak and honey walnut shrimp.
  • Panda Express Catering has a complete online ordering system. You must sign up with the help of one of the following options: Google plus account, Facebook account as well as an email.
  • Catering orders for the future can be made easier by allowing customers to save their favorite catering items when they place their first online order. When registering, there’s also the option to receive discounts and special orders by email.
  • The food you order at Panda Express Catering is intended to be picked up. Customers will have the date you would like to pick up and the time for your order.

Panda Express Catering Reviews

Its Panda Express Catering service has three menu options that are designed to serve 12 to 30 persons. You can also choose to select a la cart separate trays.

The prices are intended for 12-30 people. Two-party trays that serve between 12 and 16 people are priced at $99 while three-party plates for 18-22 individuals cost $139.Four-party tray for a greater group of people of 26-30 could cost as much as $179.

The additional cost is around $15 if you choose to eat Honey Walnut Shrimp or Shanghai Angus Steak. About $6 has cost in order to get Orange Chicken with bacon.

Unfortunately, Panda Express Catering has no delivery options that are free. Food orders are packed for pick-up. If you want that your food is delivered to your doorstep, you can decide to make your purchase with an on-demand delivery option.

Panda Express Catering service offers excellent value for money. Its menu of catering options is less expensive than competitors.

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