Hy-Vee Catering Menu Prices 2021

There are quite a few things to consider when looking at Hy-Vee’s catering menu prices, but the most important one is which of the Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes are you going to add to your holiday meal?

Pies are available as well, but I’d take a fudge cake over a French silk pie.

Other than holiday meals, Hy-Vee offers classic catering items like meat and cheese trays, sandwich trays, shrimp, and seafood. They also have fun, different items like their pasta party bar or Asian buffet.

Meat lovers should focus on the raw meat bundle packs. There are quite a few seafood options as well.

Hy-Vee Catering Menu Prices


Hy-Vee Catering Shrimp & Seafood Trays menu

Captains Trio Platter 12 Inch $30.00
Captains Trio Platter 16 Inch $50.00
Captains Trio Platter 18 Inch $70.00
Seafarers Cocktail Platter 12 Inch $40.00
Seafarers Cocktail Platter 16 Inch $65.00
Seafarers Cocktail Platter 18 Inch $80.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail Platter 12 Inch $20.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail Platter 16 Inch $30.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail Platter 18 Inch $40.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab Platter 12 Inch $25.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab Platter 16 Inch $40.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab Platter 18 Inch $55.00
Shrimp Platter 12 Inch $25.00
Shrimp Platter 16 Inch $45.00
Shrimp Platter 18 Inch $55.00
Signature All-Natural Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature All-Natural Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Signature Asian Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature Asian Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Signature Cracked Pepper-Encrusted Smoked Salmon Platter Medium $35.00
Signature Cracked Pepper-Encrusted Smoked Salmon Platter Large $65.00
Signature Creole Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature Creole Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Signature Hickory Smoked Salmon Platter Medium $35.00
Signature Hickory Smoked Salmon Platter Large $65.00
Signature Southwest Chipotle Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature Southwest Chipotle Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Supreme Shrimp Platter 12 Inch $40.00
Supreme Shrimp Platter 16 Inch $60.00
Supreme Shrimp Platter 18 Inch $80.00
Surimi Crab Platter Small $20.00
Surimi Crab Platter Medium $35.00
Surimi Crab Platter Large $50.00

Hy-Vee Catering Meat & Cheese Trays 2021

Anthonys Choice Tray Serves 10 $25.00
Anthonys Choice Tray Serves 20 $45.00
Anthonys Choice Tray Serves 30 $65.00
Di Lusso Tray Serves 10 $25.00
Di Lusso Tray Serves 20 $45.00
Di Lusso Tray Serves 30 $65.00
Festo Tray Serves 10 $15.00
Festo Tray Serves 20 $25.00
Festo Tray Serves 30 $35.00
Formaggio Tray Serves 10 $15.00
Formaggio Tray Serves 20 $25.00
Formaggio Tray Serves 30 $35.00
Signature Terrific Trio Platter Medium $25.00
Signature Terrific Trio Platter Large $48.00
Signature The Classic Hostess Tray $28.00
Signature Tuscan Harvest Platter Medium $28.00
Signature Tuscan Harvest Platter Large $50.00

Hy-Vee Catering Fruit & Veggie Trays

50/50 Fruit and Vegetable Tray 16 Inch $50.00
50/50 Fruit and Vegetable Tray 18 Inch $60.00
Fruit Pizza Small $6.99
Fruit Pizza Large $14.99
Fruit Tray 10 Inch $18.00
Fruit Tray 12 Inch $22.00
Fruit Tray 16 Inch $51.00
Fruit Tray 18 Inch $61.00
Signature Dill Dip Appetizer Tray $30.00
Signature Fantastic Fruit Platter Medium $28.00
Signature Fantastic Fruit Platter Large $50.00
Signature Melon Medley Hostess Tray $10.00
Signature Premier Vegetable Platter Medium $24.00
Signature Premier Vegetable Platter Large $44.00
Signature Sparkling Berry Hostess Tray $13.00
Signature Sparkling Berry Tray $25.00
Signature The Classic Hostess Tray $28.00
Strawberry Tray Small $17.00
Strawberry Tray Large $21.00
Vegetable Pizza Small $5.99
Vegetable Pizza Large $11.99
Vegetable Tray 10 Inch $15.00
Vegetable Tray 12 Inch $20.00
Vegetable Tray 16 Inch $42.00
Vegetable Tray 18 Inch $52.00

Sandwich & Sub Trays

Condimento Serves 10 $20.00
Condimento Serves 20 $35.00
Condimento Serves 30 $45.00
Di Lusso Subs 3 Foot $45.00
Di Lusso Subs 6 Foot $78.00
Fiesta Tray Serves 10 $15.00
Fiesta Tray Serves 20 $20.00
Fiesta Tray Serves 30 $25.00
Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray Serves 12 $15.00
Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray Serves 24 $30.00
Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray Serves 36 $40.00
Rotella Wrap Tray Serves 12 $20.00
Rotella Wrap Tray Serves 24 $40.00
Rotella Wrap Tray Serves 32 $50.00
Signature Fantastic Fixins Platter $25.00
Signature Mini Ciabatta Party Platter $28.00
Signature O-live It Up Platter $36.00
Signature The Ring Leader Party Pleaser $40.00

Hy-Vee Catering Wings Menu

Boneless Wing Tray Serves 8-10 $12.95
Buffalo Wing Platter $29.95
Pick 3 Boneless Wing Tray Serves 15-20 $24.95
Signature Asian Chicken Platter $27.00
Signature Winging It Platter 2.5 lbs. $25.00
Signature Winging It Platter 5 lbs. $40.00

Meat Bundle Packs

Meat Bundle 1 $35.00
Meat Bundle 2 $60.00
Meat Bundle 3 $50.00
Meat Bundle 4 $30.00
Meat Bundle 5 $85.00
Meat Bundle 6 $100.00
Meat Bundle 7 $65.00
Meat Bundle 8 $80.00
Meat Bundle 9 $75.00
Meat Bundle 10 $55.00

Hy Vee Holiday Meals

Traditional Dinners

Boneless Turkey Breast Dinner Serves 4 $49.99
Traditional Boneless Ham Dinner Serves 8 $89.99
Applewood Pit Ham Dinner Serves 12 $129.99
Gourmet Holiday Feast Serves 16 $259.99
Traditional Turkey Feast Serves 8 $89.99
Family Feast Turkey Dinner Serves 12 $129.99
Prime Rib Dinner Serves 8 $139.99
Holiday Family Gathering Serves 20 $299.99

Hickory House & Non-Traditional Dinners

Hickory House Smokehouse Meat Dinner Serves 8 $129.99
Hickory House Smokehouse Meat Banquet Serves 16 $229.99
Lasagna Feast Serves 12 $109.99
Chicken Alfredo Feast Serves 6 $109.99
Hickory House Smokehouse Meat Feast Serves 12 $179.99
Lasagna Dinner Serves 6 $64.99
Chicken Alfredo Dinner Serves 6 $64.99

Pros of Hy Vee catering

Hy Vee is a great choice for business events that require a formal dining experience.

Hy Vee can also provide food for casual family events.

Hy Vee is the best place to go if you need food to cater to an event.

How to order from Hy Vee catering

Go to Hy Vee’s website to place an order. Next, choose your location. Next, choose from the different platters. You can also provide your preferences and information. Contact the Hy Vee closest to you to speak with a specialist in catering.

Order ahead to receive the best deals and stress-free catering

You can choose from meat bundle packs, chicken wings, and signature party trays.

Your order can be picked up or delivered. For larger orders or deliveries, an additional charge may apply.

You can rest assured that the food you receive is fresh and top-quality. Hy Vee can provide food for any occasion or party.

Hy Vee offers customers exclusive deals and rewards for using their gas products, including gas.

Hy Vee Catering Reviews

Hy Vee makes any celebration a memorable one. You can be sure that your event will go smoothly with Hy Vee.

Hy Vee prides itself on providing a pleasant shopping experience. Service is always smiley and employees go the extra mile to help customers.

For $80, get a platter of 10 with chicken wings meats, and cheese platters. Their signature party tray and meat bundle packs are available for between $100- $120. For $150-$200, a large group of 20 would be able to enjoy holiday dinners, cocktail sandwiches, and condiment platters.

You can be certain that your guests will remember your event with great food and outstanding service from Hy Vee caterers.

Hy Vee can provide delicious food for any occasion, including a business conference, birthday party, or wedding. They will also make sure that your guests are satisfied with their service.

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