Hooters Catering Menu Prices latest 2021

Hooters Catering Menu is perfect for any occasion, such as birthday parties, dinners, or meetings. Hooters caters to hundreds of people and provides delicious, tasty food. Chicken wings can be purchased in three sizes: 100, 250, and 500.

Hooters offers a wide selection of delicious starters, including cheese sticks, onion rings, and desserts like key lime pie, chocolate mousse, as well as sides like potato salad, coleslaw, and key lime pie. 500 pieces of chicken or boneless wings are available for as low as $400. This is an amazing deal! It is a great deal! We encourage you to take advantage of it.

All orders require 24 hours notice. Delivery is possible for orders over $200.00. We are sure you’ll get carried away by all the delicious food on the menu. Hooters are well-known for making people’s jaws drop and their mouths water.

Here are the most recent Hooters Catering prices.



Hooters Party Platters 2021

Hooters Party Platters

Hooters World Famous Chicken Wings (serves 8-10) $49.99
Peel & Eat Shrimp (serves 8-10) $49.99
Sandwich Platter (serves 8-10) $49.99
Slider Platter (serves 8-10) $49.99

Hooters Catering Catering Sides Menu 2021

Hooters Catering Catering Sides

Caesar Salad (serves 4-6) $6.99
Celery & Pickle Spears (serves 4-6) $6.99
Garden Salad (serves 4-6) $6.99

Hooters Catering Hooters To Go Menu 2021

Hooters Catering Hooters

Boneless Wings $8.99
Texas Melt $8.99
Western BBQ Burger $8.99
Strip Cheese $8.99
More Than A Mouthful Burger $8.99
Club Sandwich $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $8.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (Pre-Tossed) $8.99
Buff Chick Salad $8.99

Hooters Catering Sides Menu 2021

Hooters Catering Side

Fries $1.99
Cheesecake $0.49
Beverage $1.99

Hooters World Famous Chicken Wings Menu And Prices

Hooters World Famous Chicken Wings

10 Pcs. $10.99
20 Pcs. $17.99
50 Pcs. $37.99


Lynn Stewart, Gil DiGiannatonio. Ed Droste. Billy Ranieri. Ken Wimmer. Dennis Johnson. The first Hooters opened in Clearwater, Florida, in 1983. It was located in an old nightclub. Their goal was to imitate a beach bar featuring laid-back settings and great music.

The founders of the restaurant, who thought it would fail because they opened it on April Fool’s Day in 2004, were surprised when customers began to love it and its concept. They had to open more locations in order to satisfy the increasing demands of their customers. They have been consistent in their ability to provide great times for their customers through delicious food that can be enjoyed with good conversation with their friends.

While they’ve seen many changes throughout the years, they still have a passion for serving guests with great food and drink along with warm hospitality. You can now bring home their delicious food and share it with your friends and family at family events and parties.

why Choose  Hooters Hooters For Your Catering Needs

It’s not enough to have great food. You also need to have fun. Hooters caters well to any type of event, including birthday parties, game nights, and other celebrations.

You can be certain that your guests will enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal thanks to the many party treats they offer.

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