Freebirds Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Freebirds Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Freebirds World burrito also called Freebirds is a fast-food chain that specializes in burritos. The restaurant was founded by Mark Orfalea in 1987.

The restaurant is located at more than 90 locations throughout the states in the US. Since 2007, the business was bought by Tavistock Group. The restaurant serves customers various food choices. It includes nachos, burritos quesadillas, tacos desserts, salads, and many others.

Freebirds Catering Menu

For smaller group orders, small and large-scale occasions, the restaurant caters to guests by offering different choices of food. Customers can pick from their full menu of services, create their own bar of burritos as well as party platters and other options. The restaurant offers its patrons an opportunity to sample Mexican tastes. If you are hosting a theme-based event, the restaurant will meet their requirements perfectly.

Freebirds Catering Menu 2021

Item Price
Hybrid (Steak) $7.99
Hybrid (Carnitas) $6.99
Hybrid (Ground Beef) $6.99
Hybrid (Chicken) $6.99
Hybrid (Veggie) $6.99
Hybrid (Tempeh) $6.99
Freebird (Steak) $7.99
Freebird (Carnitas) $7.99
Freebird (Ground Beef) $7.99
Freebird (Chicken) $6.99
Freebird (Veggie) $6.99
Freebird (Tempeh) $6.99
Monster (Steak) $9.99
Monster (Carnitas) $9.99
Monster (Ground Beef) $9.99
Monster (Chicken) $8.99
Monster (Veggie) $8.99
Monster (Tempeh) $8.99
Super Monster (Steak) $14.99
Super Monster (Carnitas) $13.99
Super Monster (Ground Beef) $13.99
Super Monster (Chicken) $13.99
Super Monster (Veggie) $13.99
Super Monster (Tempeh) $13.99
Quesadilla (Steak) $7.99
Quesadilla (Carnitas) $7.99
Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $7.99
Quesadilla (Chicken) $6.99
Quesadilla (Cheese) $6.99
Quesadilla (Veggie) $6.99
Quesadilla (Tempeh) $6.99
Taco (Steak) $2.99
Taco (Carnitas) $2.99
Taco (Ground Beef) $2.99
Taco (Chicken) $2.99
Taco (Veggie) $2.99
Taco (Tempeh) $2.99
Nachos (Steak) $7.99
Nachos (Carnitas) $7.99
Nachos (Ground Beef) $7.99
Nachos (Chicken) $6.99
Nachos (Tempeh) $6.99
Salads & Bowls
Freebirds Salad (Steak) $7.99
Freebirds Salad (Carnitas) $7.99
Freebirds Salad (Ground Beef) $7.99
Freebirds Salad (Chicken) $6.99
Freebirds Salad (Veggie) $6.99
Freebirds Salad (Tempeh) $6.99
Burrito Bowl (Steak) $7.99
Burrito Bowl (Carnitas) $7.99
Burrito Bowl (Ground Beef) $7.99
Burrito Bowl (Chicken) $6.99
Burrito Bowl (Veggie) $6.99
Burrito Bowl (Tempeh) $6.99
Lite Bowl (Chicken) $7.99
BBQ Classic Burrito $6.99
Spicy Chicken Burrito $7.99
Chips ‘n Guacamole $3.99
Chips ‘n Queso $3.99
Chips ‘n Salsa $1.99
Chips $1.99
Drinks & Desserts
Fountain Drink $2.99
Honest Tea (Honey Green) $2.99
Honest Tea (Half & Half) $2.99
Fanta Orange $2.99
Mexican Coke $2.99
Smart Water $2.99
Vitamin Water (Lemonade) $2.99
Vitamin Water (Dragon Fruit) $2.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.99
Brownie $2.99
Kids Menu
Kids Quesadilla (Steak) $3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Carnitas) $3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Chicken) $3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Rice/Bean) $3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Plain) $3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Tempeh) $3.99
Kids Burrito (Steak) $3.99
Kids Burrito (Carnitas) $3.99
Kids Burrito (Ground Beef) $3.99
Kids Burrito (Chicken) $3.99
Kids Burrito (Rice/Bean) $3.99
Kids Burrito (Tempeh) $3.99

Pros oF Freebirde Catering 2021

The restaurant is famous as a place to eat California-type mission-style burritos. Customers are given the option of making their own burritos by placing an order similar to a cafeteria.

Customers can choose their own burrito style. They will select how big the burrito is, the type of tortilla, and the fillings such as cheese, meat vegetables, sauces, and meat.

Each restaurant has its own unique type of menu. In addition to burritos, patrons can create their individual salad, tacos, and salads as well as nachos, quesadillas, and nachos Burrito Bowl, their most famous dish.

Which Wich Catering Menu

How Do I Order From Freebirdqs Catering 2021

When placing orders and catering inquiries, customers can place orders online through their website. Customers fill out the form for catering inquiries and then send it via email.

Customers should first decide the location they’d like to order from. The closest one is the best option. In addition, customers must register an account on their website to place an order online.

Catering events are a requirement for the restaurant needs a number of orders in order to use the catering services. Customers can inquire or contact the restaurant directly on their direct number.

After the customer has completed an order form for catering and completes the minimum number of guests required the sales manager will contact the customer to discuss additional details, such as the venue price, the cost, and quantity of guests.

Credit and cash payments are accepted at the restaurant. Delivery for individuals is accepted as well. For delivery to groups, the customer must place orders at least 3 hours in advance.

Freebirds Catering Reviews 2021

Freebirds provides a wide range of choices for meals at affordable and costly prices, based on the kind of food. The steaks and menus that are exclusive to the restaurant cost more than typical burritos, tacos, and so on.

The restaurant is famous for its custom burritos bar catering option. Customers can select 2 tortilla flavors, select two proteins and pick between beans or rice.

For smaller events, guests can choose from buffets for parties or box lunches. Both are priced reasonably and come with a range of food options included.

The menu items offered by The restaurant’s menu are priced competitively on the marketplace. They offer similar prices as the other restaurants of the same fashion as Freebirds. They also offer exceptional service to patrons.

Freebirds World Burrito may be somewhat more sophisticated than the other fast-food chains but their pricing and food items are reasonable and fair. Their food is advertised as being fresher and of high quality.

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