Denny’s Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Find Denny’s Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Denny’s Catering Menu comes to you by what could be the most famous American restaurants. Since its inception, Denny’s Catering Menu has been serving up delicious food for its customers all day long with food that’s the finest of Americana that is served in a relaxed dining setting.

The company has been operating as Denny’s since 1961, and has the company has expanded to be present in every country in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you want to serve an intimate family gathering or host a large corporate occasion, Denny’s is there for you.

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Find their complete menu of catering options below:



Fit Slam Per Person $8.79
Moons Over My Hammy Sandwich Per Person $9.89
French Toast Slam Per Person $9.89
Belgian Waffle Slam Per Person $9.89
Loaded Veggie Omelette Per Person $9.89
All American Slam Per Person $10.59
Ultimate Omelette Per Person $10.79
Country-Fried Steak & Eggs Per Person $11.69


Smothered Cheese Fries Serves 2 $6.09
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Serves 2 $6.59
Zesty Nachos Serves 2 $9.39


Chicken Avocado Sandwich Per Person $9.39
Bacon Lovers BLT Sandwich Per Person $9.49
The Super Bird Sandwich Per Person $9.49
Club Sandwich Per Person $10.49


Cobb Salad Per Person $9.89
Avocado Chicken Caesar Salad Per Person $9.89
Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad Per Person $7.29


New York Cheesecake Per Person $4.09
Chocolate Lava Cake Per Person $4.19
Caramel Apple Crisp Per Person $4.19

Special Delivery Lansing Bottles

Assorted 2L Soda Bottles Serves 4 $2.59
Bottled Water Per Person $1.00

Popular Catering Choices at Denny’s

There’s a wide selection of classic items that are available on Denny’s menu which have been offered to businesses and families each day since Denny’s began its business. 

They’re excellent choices for catering events and the pancakes are particularly popular when you’re having breakfast at the beginning of your celebration. In the afternoon, fries and sandwiches are also available along with soup pots that are served throughout the day.

See their most-loved products below:

Denny’s Coffee

A catered party that includes Denny’s is not complete without a regular flow cup of their famous coffee. It’s the perfect sensation of comfort and comfort and something people have enjoyed for hours as they eat appetizers and snacks while creating memories with their friends. It is possible to purchase it at a time and make sure you have coffee on the go.

Purchase it for $2.99 an ounce.

Meat Lover’s Omelet

If you purchase from Denny’s you’ll order in bulk, which means that most menu items will be delivered in large amounts which can be served in Chafing dishes. Omelets are an excellent choice to do this since eggs are delicious as long as they’re properly heated and the flavors of the ingredients add flavor to the whole meal.

Take the Meat Lovers Omelet for $9.99 for a meal

Seasoned Fries

Their seasoned fries are among of the most sought-after items they offer which is why they’re still a top choice for those who want them to cater. Crisp and tasty These fries are great when served along with ranch dressing, or the ketchup that is available on the menu of catering. Your guests will love munching on these fries as a complement to their main dinner.

Place your order by batch at $2.99

Super Bird Sandwich

One of the most amazing things ever to grace Denny’s menu The Super Bird Sandwich is a very popular item for catering because of its taste and design.

 The sandwich is made of bacon, turkey and ham, tomatoes and cheese on sourdough, the Super Bird will bring an incredible taste to your catered event. Just order the quantity you’ll need at their standard cost for catering.

Each Sandwich Will Run You $9.99 Each.

Enjoy Denny’s Catering Offering

Denny’s is a comfy and familiar element of people’s day, a spot where people go whenever the time is getting late and the commute is long. When you’re in those deep, solitary slumbers of your soul Denny’s is the place to go.

 When it’s already early in the morning and the church Services have ended, Denny’s will welcome you into. If you’ve driven for 14 hours and you’re in need of food that is filling before getting settled to sleep, Denny’s will take care of you. Especially when you are aware that your event is important to you, Denny’s will be there.

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