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Find Del Taco Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Del Taco’s Catering Menu was the product of a company that got its first customers in 1964. The company began the restaurant business the very first day, with more than 800 tacos in sales.

Since then, Del Taco has risen to offer the world the best Mexican fast food options on the market. If you’re planning a party and are looking for fresh, delicious easy Mexican food that can bring a smile to your guests’ faces and leave them satisfied and satisfied, it’s time to call Del Taco.

del taco catering menu

See their complete menu of catering options below:


Full Service Buffet

Minimum 25
Full Service Buffet Per Person $6.99

Party Pack

Minimum 10

Party Pack Per Person $4.99
Add to Make it Deluxe Per Person $3.00

Sides and Desserts

Chips & Salsa Serves 10-12 $7.99
Nachos & Cheese Serves 8-12 $7.99
Cookies Each $0.79
Cookies Dozen $7.90

Popular Catering Choices at Del Taco

When you go through your Del Taco menu trying to choose what you should serve to your guests, the biggest issue will be deciding exactly what to order. With their classics such as the Epic Queso Chicken, Steak & Potato along with Carne Asada Burritos, you’ll be able to choose impressively huge selections that leave your guests well-fed and satisfied. Don’t rush into the main meal when you can kick it by serving a colorful salad that brings these tastes together.

Not sure? Pick one of their top products below:

Full-Service Buffet

Del Taco is well versed in how to provide food to large amounts of people, particularly following their beginning with a 900-order day. Cheap and delicious Their full-service buffet is served with a wide selection of toppings and fillings, rice, proteins, and cheeses so you can create delicious burritos easily. It is required to place an order of 25, but it could be made to serve hundreds of people.

The entire buffet is $6.99 per person.

Party Pack

If you’re in need of catering to small groups or a smaller number of individuals, Del Taco has the best solution for you. Contact them ahead to order your party package and they’ll provide an order of small, prepared meals that will keep your gathering going by serving delicious food.

 It’s still a requirement to have a minimum of 10 people to order However, just as with its counterpart, the Full-Service Buffet can be ordered in any quantity you’d like.

Order for $4.99 per person

Chips & Salsa

It’s not a Mexican buffet without chips and salsa to accompany it. Del Taco will deliver a large portion of their homemade chips, along with a large amount of salsa to ensure your guests are capable of eating all through the evening. Your guests will appreciate the fresh and warm chips as well as delicious salsa that they have made at home.

Purchase yours for $7.99 per 10-12 people


Each meal is sweet with an ending and the freshly baked cookies made from Del Taco every day are the ideal way to finish the meal. If you’re serving one or two people, or even many, get enough cookies to keep them satisfied.

You can get the cookies you want for $7.90 per dozen

Enjoy Del Taco’s Catering Offering

From the soft, white flour tortillas to the vibrantly colored vegetables that complete the tortillas, Del Taco brings food that will satisfy all of the senses at your event. In the past 50 years in operation, they’ve grown to be adept at identifying how to make food so delicious and guarantees that guests are satisfied with the finest of the food they offer.

 If you’re planning to host an event for your family or seeking a tasty but cheap option to serve the guests of a big business event, Del Taco will be pleased to provide everything you need for an unforgettable occasion.

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