Cousins Subs Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Find Cousins Subs Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The option of ordering Cousins Subs to cater to your occasion ensures you’re dealing with a business that is committed to making better food and also provides a Cousins Subs Catering Menu to customers with the hope that they will recognize it when they look at it.

Cousins Subs has its roots in the family. Using their services to cater to your needs will ensure that you’ll get the most delicious hospitality together with your sandwich.

cousins subs catering

Your guests will be delighted by the traditional sandwiches on offer as well as the convenience and flavor they bring as they arrive. What are you waiting for to worry about your next occasion? Take a look at their complete menu of menus for catering below:


Party Platters

Party Box Serves 6-9 $36.00
Party Box Serves 10-15 $60.00
Box Lunch (5 Inch) Per Person $3.19
Box Lunch (7.5 Inch) Per Person $5.00
Party Chips Serves 10 $15.00
Party Soup Serves 10 $30.00
Cookies Dozen $15.00
Party Pack Serves 10 $40.00
Party Subs Serves 10 $32.00

Popular Catering Choices at Cousins Subs

The company has been providing premium food items for its clients for many generations and is now eager to deliver high-end food for your special event. Call them and be assured that you’ll receive delicious, fresh sandwiches served by individuals who know how to cook a fantastic dinner using only fresh and simple ingredients. 

It is possible to serve groups of as little as five or six or hundreds of people by calling them and asking them to provide their fantastic food at your party.

Their most popular options can be found below:

Box Lunch

It’s a simple and straightforward method to feed a large number of people, without the need for the use of a tray or serving table. Simply make your Cousins Subs box lunch, and all will get a seven and a half” sandwich, a cookie, and chips in a box that is delivered to workplaces and offices. The boxes are designed to feed one person.

The Box Lunch is available at $6.00 per lunch.

Party Pack

Are you planning to host a conference or want to feed a large number of people in one location? It’s time to examine this Party pack. It’s a Party Pack that brings together 20 sandwiches as well as the chips from two baggies as well as 12 cookies. If you’re serving your office or a large group of family and you want to make it simple, you need The Party Pack.

Make your own Party box at $45.99

Party Sub

Are you looking to grab the largest sandwich you’ve ever had and allow everyone to have the chance to eat a piece? The Party Sub is the solution for you. The sub can provide enough food for 6-10 guests and can be customized with toppings to make sure it’s exactly what you’re after. It is also possible to make it in the half-n-half form to maximize your choices.

Submit your party for $29.99

Party Box

A Party Box is a straightforward and straightforward option to feed a group of six to fifteen people, depending upon the dimensions of the container you pick. The boxes include up to 20 individual sandwiches designed to meet your needs to allow you to serve a large number of people.

Take the 12 pieces at $32.99 and 20 pieces for $49.99

Enjoy Cousins Subs’s Catering Offering

Cousins Subs gives you the option of feeding your guests and ensure they are served a variety of healthy and tasty food items with vibrant flavor that will make them satisfied and happy.

These sandwiches are delicious and filling enough for the entire group, without costing you a fortune. Simply give them a phone call and arrange for delivery to your address, taking away all the trouble of picking it up and delivering it to the location.

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