Capriotti’s Catering Menu & Prices 2021

Find Capriotti’s Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Delaware is the place to find many treasures from America however, perhaps among the more renowned can be found in the Capriotti’s Catering Menu. Capriotti’s is famous for its delicious sandwiches that are above away from the flavor and taste of the typical food. 

The restaurant was founded in 1974, when it was created by two brothers, Alan and Lois Margolet who had visited some sandwich stores that were built and felt that they could offer something different. That’s how Capriotti’s, named in honor of their grandfather, made its debut on the scene.

Capriotti's Catering Menu Prices

Below, you will find their complete catering menu


Party Trays

Delawares Finest – Party Tray Small $59.99
Delawares Finest – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Bobbie – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Bobbie – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Turkey Lover – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Turkey Lover – Party Tray Large $74.99
Little Italy – Party Tray Small $59.99
Little Italy – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Vegetarian – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Vegetarian – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Sampler – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Sampler – Party Tray Large $74.99


Balsamic Chicken $32.99
BBQ Turkey $32.99
BBQ Chicken $32.99
Caps Chopped $32.99
Black & Bleu $32.99
Caps Creation $32.99


Catering Side of Stuffing Small $1.49
Catering Side of Stuffing Medium $2.29
Catering Side of Stuffing Large $7.99
Catering Side of Cole Slaw Small $1.49
Catering Side of Cole Slaw Medium $2.29
Catering Side of Cole Slaw Large $7.99
Catering Side of Cranberry Sauce Small $1.79
Catering Side of Cranberry Sauce Medium $2.49
Catering Side of Cranberry Sauce Large $6.99
Chips Small $1.29
Chips Medium $1.79
Chips Large $2.49
Cookie & Brownie Tray $16.99
Cookie Tray $12.99

Popular Catering Choices at Capriotti’s

When you make contact with Capriotti’s you’ll receive an abundance of choices to make your occasion one remember. We believe that every meal, we believe should begin with a fantastic salad. choosing Capriotti’s offers an array of salads available. It is possible to order their BBQ Chicken or Turkey Salad, Balsamic Chicken, or their Black & Bleu salads to begin with and then add various sides to your main dish. Cole Slaw, Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce are all on offer, as well as their brownies, cookies, and chips are also available.

See their most-loved products below:

The Vegetarian

Even vegetarians can have the most delicious sandwich and this selection brings the finest of the garden into an easy and tasty Italian sub. These sandwiches discover Veggie Cole Turkey, Cheese Sub as well as Veggie Turkey all gathered together with a variety of tasty condiments.

Their smaller tray is priced at $59.99 and the larger one price is $74.99

Little Italy

They also have a Little Italy offering that combines a selection of classic dishes of their sandwiches menu which can bring the flavor and flavor of an Italian sub right to your catering event. Every sub is served with the addition of hot and sweet peppers as well as pickles that add a bit of spice to the final product.

It is possible to purchase a smaller Little Italy part tray for $59.99 or a larger part tray for $74.99

The Bobbie

This sandwich is a departure from the Italian menu and proves that, although they have Italian roots, they’re firmly an integral component of Americana. The sandwich comes with a delicious tray of turkey sandwiches, topped with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. All served with mayonnaise. It’s an iconic American sandwich if there ever was one.

You can get their tray small for $59.99 and their larger one price of $74.99

Delaware’s Finest

This is a tray with a variety that offers a selection of their finest dishes on the menu. You’ll find the Bobbie and their Slaw, Slaw Be Jo, and the Italian Subs, all served in a container. This is a great option if you’re serving people that have different tastes and you want to ensure you have a bit of everything.

You can get a small tray starting at $59.99 or opt for the larger one for $74.99

Enjoy Capriotti’s Catering Offering

Capriotti’s has a secret: the set of guidelines that ensure their sandwiches will always be perfect. This attention to the smallest of details ensures that every event catered by Capriotti’s will have excellent reviews and satisfied guests.

 In its 40-year history, the company has catered hundreds of events which have left hosts satisfied with their food, content, and excited to have them repeat the feat. If you’re looking for delicious sandwiches that are made with dedication to excellence, it’s the right time to call Capriotti’s to serve your next event.

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