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Find California Tortilla Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re in search of an innovative option to cater to your next occasion take an interest in The California Tortilla Catering Menu. The restaurant provides a variety that isn’t found just anyplace and offers tasty and delicious menu options which are infused with the flavor of California. 

California Tortilla consistently gets recognized as one of the top tacos in the mining industry The last time was in the year 2017. The menu includes all kinds of chili, including an amazing selection of Carnitas.

california tortilla catering

See their complete menu of menus for catering below:


Buffets And Bars

Make Your Own Fajita Bar Serves 20 $11.99
Make Your Own Taco Bar Serves 20 $9.99
Burrito Party Serves 20 $9.99


Quesadilla Serves 3 $5.39
Special-Dilla Quesadilla Serves 3 $7.59

Salads And Sides

Southwestern Salad Serves 10 $2.50
Quart Of Guacamole Serves 12 $15.95
Quart Of Queso Serves 12 $11.95
Tortilla Chips Serves 15 $14.95
Fresh Salsa Serves 12 $6.95
Rice Serves 10 $1.49
Black Beans Serves 10 $1.49
Veggie Medley Serves 10 $2.50
Quart Of Sour Cream Serves 15 $6.95


Cookies $1.59
Brownies $1.59


Assorted Individual Sodas $1.50
Bottled Water $1.69

Popular Catering Choices at California Tortilla

If you’re organizing an event that requires tasty, delicious food to keep your guests satisfied and eating, it’s the perfect time to get on the phone and dial California Tortilla. 

The catering menu includes choices such as Southwestern salads, a large menu of quesadillas that are delicious choices and flavors. You can also choose one of their pre-set menus and have a taco bar or a fajita bar burrito party that keeps everyone satisfied with a variety of choices to keep them satisfied and satisfied.

Look over the following popular dishes from their menu of catering:

Lunch Box

The lunch box option provides you with an organized selection that is simple to distribute throughout your workplace without the need to make everyone go to the same place for lunch. California Tortilla brings you your option of a burrito prepared to order, or two tacos served with tasty salsa and chips, and dessert options like brownies or cookies. dessert.

Prices start at $8.99 per box. Add $0.60 to get steak burritos and $0.30 on tacos.

Burrito Party

Burritos are an excellent choice to serve at a party If you choose to order at California Tortilla, you have an array of options to choose from when you place your burrito catering request. There are a variety of options to choose from taco beef Carnitas Verde, honey-lime Korean BBQ Mesquite chicken, and other options.

They cost $9.99 per person. $1.00 includes dessert. the additional $1.00 could be added to the price to purchase guacamole or queso.

Fajita Bar

Their most expensive choice, yet one of the most delicious menu items, is the Fajita bar is served with chicken or beef Fajitas that are grilled and served with onions and bell peppers. In addition to the main course, you’ll receive seasoned black beans as well as cheese shreds along with sour cream, Mexican Rice with chips and salsa served on the side. Queso and desserts can be added at $1.00 per purchase.

The price is $11.99 per person, for a family of four. $12.99 when you include the dessert.

Taco Bar

Taco Bar Taco Bar Taco Bar is another very popular alternative offering a tasty mixture of hard and soft shells which are filled with chicken, beef beans, rice onions, tomatoes or salsa. The Taco Bar comes with an additional option of chocolate chip brownies or cookies. You can also add Queso as well as Guac for $1.00 additional per person.

Buy it at $9.99 and $10.99 including dessert.

Enjoy California Tortilla’s Catering Offering

California Tortilla isn’t simply another Mexican food product, but rather a unique mix of the tastes and flavors of Mexico along with the fresh and unique offerings from the California region. All of their offerings are made fresh using unique recipes from the place of origin of California Tortilla.

 Through their long history, they’ve always made customers feel happy with their tasty meals, and have made the lives of companies and families more comfortable by catering to the most important occasions of their lives.

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