Brueggers Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Brueggers Catering Menu Prices Guide

Bagels are a staple breakfast item as well. New York is the home of the best-tasting bagels in the world These are the thoughts of the Nordahl Brue as well as Michael Dressel, founders of Bruegger’s were able to have in their minds when they first opened their shop in New York in 1983.

Brue and Dressel collaborated together with professional bakers in the development of an ideal bagel recipe. To add a little flavor to this already delicious dessert, they made use of authentic Vermont cream cheese made from scratch with flavors ranging between Onion as well as Chive and Cranberry Orange. The constant search to find an ideal New-York style bagel stuffed with genuine Vermont cream cheese has was rewarded when after 35 years, Bruegger’s has expanded to over 300 establishments in cities across Canada and the United States and in Canada.

Brueggers Catering Menu

The Bruegger’s brand has expanded beyond being a traditional bagel store to a bakery cafe that serves artisan pieces of bread, warm soups, coffee brewed fresh salads and related products. This expansion has widened their client base beyond bagel-lovers to breakfast lovers as well. With all of these changes, the Bruegger’s brand remains determined to keep its word of offering high-quality products made with the most authentic and basic ingredients available.

Brueggers Catering Menu 2021

Item Price
Breakfast Day Starters
Continental Breakfast (serves 6) $42.99
Continental Breakfast (serves 12) $79.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box (serves 12) $16.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box (serves 18) $24.99
Bagel and Muffin Box (serves 12) $24.99
Bagel and Muffin Box (serves 18) $36.99
Muffin Box (serves 6) $15.99
Muffin Box (serves 12) $31.99
Single Muffin Breakfast Box $6.99
Single Bagel Breakfast Box $6.99
Smoked Salmon Platter (serves 6) $42.99
Egg Sandwich Breakfast
Egg Sandwich Breakfast (serves 6) $72.99
Egg Sandwich Breakfast (serves 12) $139.99
Egg Sandwich Box (serves 6) $29.99
Egg Sandwich Box (serves 12) $59.99
Group Lunch Sandwiches
Lunch for the Group (serves 6) $89.99
Lunch for the Group (serves 12) $179.99
Premium Lunch for the Group (serves 6) $99.99
Premium Lunch for the Group (serves 12) $199.99
Group Lunch Sandwiches
Small Bagel Sandwich Box (serves 6) $49.99
Small Bagel Sandwich Box (serves 12) $98.99
Premium Sandwich Box (serves 6) $59.99
Premium Sandwich Box (serves 12) $119.99
Boxed Lunches
Bagel Sandwich Box Lunch (serves 1) $8.99
Premium Sandwich Box Lunch (serves 1) $9.99
Salad Box Lunch (serves 1) $9.99
Side Salads For Sharing
Blue Apple Salad (serves 6) $34.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (serves 6) $34.99
Classic Caesar Salad (serves 6) $25.99
Garden Salad (serves 6) $25.99
Individual Soup (serves 1) $3.59
1/2 Dozen Cookies (serves 6) $9.99
Mini Cookies (serves 12) $18.99
Dozen Cookies (serves 12) $18.99
Brownie Box (serves 6) $12.99
Brownie Box (serves 12) $24.99
Fresh Cut Fruit (serves 8-10) $25.99
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter Sweet (serves 12) $11.99
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter Savory (serves 12) $11.99
Extra Cookie (serves 1) $1.99
Extra Individual Yogurt Cup (serves 1) $2.69
Extra Chips (serves 1) $1.39
Bulk Beverages
Brew for the Crew Coffee (serves 6) $15.99
1 Gallon Orange Juice (serves 6) $14.99
1 Gallon Lemonade (serves 6) $9.99
1 Gallon Iced Tea (serves 6) $9.99
Brew for the Crew Hot Tea (serves 6) $15.99
Bottled Beverages
Bottled Water $2.29
Orange Juice $2.59
Cans of Soda (Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite) $1.99
Naked Juice (Naked Strawberry Banana) $3.89
Nantucket Nectar Juice (Apple) $2.79
Nantucket Nectar Juice (Lemonade) $2.79
Snapple Diet Peach Tea $2.49
Add On Items
Extra Bagel Sandwich (serves 1) $6.59
Extra Premium Sandwich (serves 1) $6.99
Extra Dozen of Bagels (serves 12) $9.99
Extra Tub of Cream Cheese (serves 5-6) $2.79
Add On Single Muffin (serves 1) $2.79
Add on Piece of Fresh Fruit $1.69

Pros of Bruegger’s Catering 

The catering at Bruegger’s is a favorite due to the high-quality service offered by their on-site staff, and also the unique mixture with New York bagels and Vermont cream cheese.

It is so simple to order that it encourages customers to be loyal customers.

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How to order from the Bruegger’s Catering

The catering service offered by Bruegger is simple. Customers can either place an online order on their catering website or by calling their customer service hotline at 1-855-776-0660. The order-taking expert is only available during the hours between 7 am and 8 pm (EST).

There is a minimum of 24-hour notice in advance when catering requests are made. Delivery times for express delivery can be arranged through their catering specialists via the hotline for customer service. The catering experts can be reached from 7 am to 11 pm (EST).

Customers at Bruegger’s have the option to pick the delivery option that is most appropriate to their needs. They are able to choose to take their purchases to specific locations or receive them directly to their homes. Certain delivery costs could be imposed.

There is a broad selection of lunch or breakfast options that can be ordered as an individual or group meals ordered in sets. The large Bagels as well as the Muffin box remain their most popular breakfast option.

Orders at Bruegger’s start from $10.00 for a boxed bagel set, with additional items and around $200.00 for group meals of premium quality that include premium sandwiches chips, salads, and beverages that can accommodate more than 10 guests.

Bruegger’s Catering Reviews

Timely delivery is one of the most important selling points of Bruegger’s catering. Customers are assured of the satisfaction of their order’s requirements as confirmed and timely delivery of the goods.

However, improvement must be seen in accepting expedited orders. While the customer service department is readily available for urgent orders, special requirements always result in higher costs.

What makes a customer keep coming back? Bagels. The authentic kettle boiled as well as baked varieties of bagels, ranging from plain salted, salted variety to one with new flavors like butternut squash and cranberry orange make customers want to come back to find out more.

It’s not just tasty but it is also reasonably priced. The price range set is in line with the budget of the customer.

The breakfast Bruegger’s provides makes the experience more enjoyable. If you’re planning an early morning meeting with your colleagues or having a catch-up lunch the catering options at Bruegger’s are sure to offer what you require.

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