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If you want to be the top Italian establishment in the Americas You’ll need to be ready to provide dishes that are as delicious and succulent as those on the menu of BRAVO Catering. Bravo Cucina Italiana has been striving to achieve this since its inception at the end of 1999 and has made great strides towards getting that name since then. Today, the company operates over 100 locations across all of the United States that can provide amazing meals for your family friends, or you can request them to bring it to your place to host an event for your company or family members.

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Catering Pans

Salads & Appetizers

Bravo Chopped Salad $24.00
Caesar Classica $24.00
Insalata Della Casa $24.00
Crispy Shrimp Napoli $32.00
Artichoke + Spinach Dip $27.00
Crispy Ravioli $27.00


Pasta Bravo $69.00
Pasta Woozie $69.00
Sausage Tortelloni $72.00
Spaghetti + Meatballs $65.00
Grilled Chicken Marsala $77.00
Grilled Balsamic Chicken $78.00
Grilled Salmon $85.00
Chicken Scaloppini $77.00
Chicken Caprese $68.00
Chicken Fra Diavolo $62.00
Mamas Lasagna Bolognese $75.00
Chicken Parmesan $77.00


Tiramisu $36.00
Caramel Mascarpone Cheesecake $49.00

Family Bundles

Pasta Bravo Serves (4-5) $49.00
Pasta Woozie Serves (4-5) $49.00
Chicken Fra Diavolo Serves (4-5) $49.00
Shrimp Fra Diavolo Serves (4-5) $49.00
Spaghetti + Meatballs Serves (4-5) $49.00
Eggplant Parmesan Serves (4-5) $49.00
Chicken Parmesan Serves (4-5) $49.00
Mamas Lasagna Bolognese Serves (4-5) $49.00
Grilled Chicken Marsala Serves (4-5) $49.00
Sausage Tortelloni Serves (4-5) $49.00

Catering Bundles

Grilled Balsamic Chicken Serves 10 $140.00
Chicken Caprese Serves 10 $130.00
Chicken Parmesan Serves 10 $120.00
Mamas Lasagna Bolognese Serves 10 $120.00
Grilled Chicken Marsala Serves 10 $120.00
Chicken Scaloppini Serves 10 $130.00

Create Your Own Pasta Station

Choose Up to 2 Pastas Per Person $12.00
Choose Up to 3 Proteins Per Person $12.00
Choose Up to 3 Sauces Per Person $12.00
Choose One Salad Per Person $12.00

Popular Catering Choices at BRAVO

There’s an array of Italian food items that will make your mouth water, so it’s not surprising that you’re having a hard time deciding what’s best for your special occasion. With their variety of dishes including seafood, the best of poultry and pork You’ll find something that is sure to please anyone’s taste. It’s possible to start by enjoying an appetizer consisting of Crispy Ravioli and then dive to the main course that consists of Chicken Scaloppini served alongside their Caesar Classica Salad, and end the meal with the most delicious dessert, their famous Tiramisu.

Still, need help? Check out their most-loved products below:

Crispy Shrimp Napoli

Crispy shrimp Napoli is a delightful dish to begin your dining meal, especially if are one of the dyed-in-the-wool seafood enthusiasts in your group. Shrimp are coated in panko seasoned with house spices and then cooked to a wonderfully crisp texture. They are then served with green onions, all atop a charcoal-charred tomato Napoli sauce.

$32.00 to seven persons, $42.00 with chafing rack and a stenosis

Grilled Chicken Marsala

This Grilled Chicken Marsala product is a treat of its own succulent, juicy chicken cooked over an open flame. It is served with BRAVO!’s famous house Marsala sauce, made with the most delicious mix of Italian spices and herbs, cooked with delicious portobello mushrooms, and served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes mashed. A fantastic option for catering for a very affordable price.

$77.00 per person, $87.00 with chafing rack and sterilizers

Pasta Woozie

Fettuccine cooked to perfectional dente and served with Alfredo sauce made in-house which takes creamy to a new level thanks to their chicken seasoned and grilled That’s The Pasta Woozie in a nutshell. This dish is a favorite for catering because of its simple and tasty flavor.

$69.00 for seven persons, $79.00 with a chafing rack and a stenosis

Bravo Chopped Salad

It’s just not an Italian experience without one of the delicious salads served at every meal. When you delve into this salad, Bravo Chopped Salad, you’ll discover feta, red onion cucumbers, tomatoes, and the red wine vinaigrette combined to make an aroma you’re not likely to believe. You can purchase the entire order, or purchase side salads for your party at a fraction of the cost.

$24.00 per 7 guests

Enjoy BRAVO’s Catering Offering

There’s nothing as satisfying as a freshly cooked complete meal of Italian dishes that are made with passion and dedication to recipes that are traditional. The recipes from BRAVO! are refined to suit the tastes of today’s Italian restaurant, but remain true to their origins. If you make a reservation for catering at BRAVO! you’ll find happy and satisfied guests when you’re finished and looking forward to the next time you repeat the same thing.

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