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Their Catering Menu can be described as the standard menu that they deliver. Anywhere you live, there’s a BonChonthere, you can contact them to discover if they can offer delivery to your area. If should they, you’re in good hands! Just call them and place an order for their tasty Korean Fusion food. The very first BonChon was founded in Korea and then gained popularity to the point that it began to expand its menu across the globe. Today, you can find BonChon across a variety of states in the US as well as in other parts of the globe.

bonchon catering menu

See their complete menu of catering below:


Fried Chicken

Wings 50 pc $45.00
Wings 75 pc $66.00
Wings 100 pc $85.00
Drums 25 pc $40.00
Drums 75 pc $75.00
Drums 75 pc $110.00

Appetizer Tray

Coleslaw 1 Liter $10.00
Pickeled Radish 1 Liter $10.00
Kimchi Coleslaw 1 Liter $12.00
Pot Stickers 24 pc $27.00
Pot Stickers 40 pc $45.00
Seasoned Fries $30.00

Entrée Trays

White Rice 1 Quart $5.00
Chicken Fried Rice Serves 4-6 $35.00
Japchae 4 Orders $55.00
Curry Chicken Serves 6-8 $40.00

Popular Catering Choices at BonChon

They offer a wide selection of dishes of options, which can make the selection of your best “popular items” a little difficult. Everyone has their preferred item and the flavors and food are delicious and bring the flavor of their homeland to their patrons all over the world. If you’re taking your first time at BonChon’s, try some of the menu items listed below to see whether they’re what you’re looking for.

Their most popular catering options can be found here:


This particular menu item is well-liked for catering events as it includes a choice of 8 potstickers which can be shared with a group of friends. A great starter that you will love the taste of pork and vegetables that are included in these tiny Korean dumplings. You can choose between hot, spicy garlic or half-and-half potstickers with your order.

This beautiful plate is just $11.95


Another item that is a favorite for catering Takoyaki is a different type of dumpling that comes from Korean cuisine, this one is made using Japanese Mayo, katsu sauce and bonito flakes sprinkled on the delicious Octopus dumplings. The flavor is delicious and distinctively Korean and will add an element of class to any event you host.

Plates are available for $7.95

Korean Tacos

Again, this is an ideal catering item, in part because it includes a variety of items on the platter. Korean tacos will provide three delicious tacos made from coleslaw and lettuce red onions, buttermilk ranch hot mayonnaise, Korean barbecued or spiced chicken, served with warm tortillas. An authentic Mexican/Korean Fusion dish, you can have three dishes to enjoy.

Serve your guests at $11.95

15 Piece Drumstick

BonChon is well-known for its chicken dishes They offer chicken in sizes that can easily feed an entire group. When you purchase these drumsticks from BonChon, you have the option of their spicy, soy garlic, or half-and-half sauces that transform the delicious chicken drumsticks into an explosion of flavor. Serve your guests some drumsticks.

You can get a plate of five for $13.95 10 for $24.95, or 15, for $34.95

Enjoy BonChon’s Catering Offering

BonChon’s story goes back to Korea which was first established as a place to get delicious informal Korean food. The fame of BonChon spread across America. The United States where it became immediately popular in the challenging culinary culture in The Big Apple. It then spread across the nation and has since become the go-to for people who are enthralled by Korean food, proving to be one of the most accessible, while still maintaining the authenticity of its cuisine that is difficult to get in other Asian-Fusion restaurants. If you’re planning to host for an event that’s unique that will keep people talking about it for years call the number and dial BonChon. If you have enough time, they’ll be able to create food and service for guests. Call BonChon a few days ahead of time and begin creating your menu with BonChon.

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