Bob Evans Catering Menu and Prices Updated 2021

Bob Evans Catering Menu and Prices Updated 2021

Bob Evans Catering In 1953 Robert Lewis”Bob” Evans was the founder of Bob Evans Farms situated in Rio Grande, Ohio. He started a sausage shop in their front yard, which was later transformed into the first Bob Evans Restaurant.

Nowadays, there are more than 500 restaurants that are full-service across the United States. People flock to them to enjoy their delicious and exquisite food. Catering services are available all day long. fresh, farm-fresh food that ranges from burgers, sausages, and burgers to barbecued chicken and pot roast. They also have bread and cakes, as well as other pastries.

bob evans catering menu

The food they serve is made of fresh ingredients that are collected each day at their farm. Therefore, their food is preserved naturally and delicious, without added preservatives. Customers who frequent the restaurant also appreciate the delicious and tasty meals and the warm and welcoming staff that keeps returning to return for more.

Bob Evans Catering Menu 2021

Item Price

Bob Evans Catering  Breakfast (minimum 10) Menu

Classic Breakfast $5.00/person
Griddle Combo $5.00/person
Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich Breakfast $5.00/person
Signature Breakfast $8.00/person
Egg Lites Breakfast $6.00/person

Bob Evans Catering  Additional Items (serves 10) Menu

Yogurt Bar $30.00
Oatmeal $40.00
Special Continental $50.00
Specialty Bread $5.00/loaf
Bob Evans Cinnamon Blossoms (10) $8.00

Bob Evans Catering  Boxed Meals (minimum10) Menu 2021

Breakfast Sandwich Box $6.00/person
1/2 Wrap $7.00/person
Whole Wrap $9.00/person
Premium Salad $7.00/person
1/2 Deli Sandwich $8.00/person
Whole Deli Sandwich $10.00/person

Bob Evans Catering  Platters (serves 10) Menu 2021

Meat and Cheese $40.00
Chicken Tenders (30) $30.00
Vegetable Tray $15.00

Bob Evans Catering  Lunch (minimum 10) Menu And Prices

Burger Bar $8.00/person
Slider Buffet $8.00/person
Baked Potato Bar $7.00/person
Soup, Salad, Wrap Combo $7.00/person
Entree Salad, Soup & Bread $7.00/person

Bob Evans Catering  Dinner (minimum 10) Menu

Classic Entrees $9.00/person

Bob Evans Catering  Desserts Menu

Chocolate Chunk Cookies (10) $8.00
Peanut Butter Brownie Bites (24) $8.00
Cinnamon Blossoms (10) $8.00
Whole French Silk Pie $10.99
Whole Double Crust Apple Pie $10.99
Whole Coconut Cream Pie $9.99

Bob Evans Catering  Beverages Menu 

Orange Juice (gallon) $10.00
Lemonade (gallon) $7.00
Signature Coffee (regular or decaf) – 96oz. $12.00
Iced Tea Sweet or Unsweet (gallon) $5.00

Pros of Bob Evans Catering 2021

Bob Evans restaurants are spread across 18 states, but mainly within the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southeastern parts of the United States, so you’re certain to locate the Bob Evans restaurant near you.

Customers can enjoy food throughout the day at any time of the day. Customers can pick from a wide menu that includes everything from scrambled eggs to sandwiches for breakfast. From burgers to barbecued meat for lunch. From smoked hams to slow-roasted turkeys to dinner dishes.

Bob Evans restaurant prides itself on its fresh, farm-to-table ingredients and delicious food. Food items are prepared specifically to the guests’ specifications when they request them.

How to Order from Bob Evans Catering 2021

You can place an order with Bob Evans Catering in a variety of ways. For the dine-in and pick-up options, you can visit their webpage to find the nearest local restaurant.

A few of their most popular dishes include Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, the Rise & Shine breakfast, their Knife & Fork Sandwiches, and Turkey & Dressing. The guests also appreciate their variety of seasonal pies and sweets in addition to other items.

If you’re looking to pick up your food items, Bob Evans Restaurants are open from Monday through Saturday, 06:00 am until 9:00 midnight.

It is best to contact their professional at least a few days prior to the event to ensure that you will be accepted.

Bob Evans Catering Reviews

Bob Evans Catering has a large selection of freshly prepared menus to pick from. They are ideal for occasions, celebrations such as graduation, and other events. The platters for parties can accommodate as many as 10 people.

Breakfast is a great option. You could choose scrambled eggs and sausages, oatmeal, bacon as well as sandwiches. Lunchtime meals are a breeze. can choose from a variety of lunchboxes and salads, burgers, and barbecued meat. For dinner, you can select from slow-roasted pot roasts or turkey, smoking ham, fried steak to chicken grilled.

Selections of Side Dishes drinks, desserts, along Pastries can be purchased at a little extra cost. Vegetarian dishes are also offered on their food menu.

Their food is reasonably priced in comparison to other catering companies. Because all meals are cooked freshly and naturally delicious, the top quality of their food is certainly worth the price.

Each bite will always be a flavor of fresh, farm-fresh food. Each visit to their restaurant guarantees a warm welcome by their team. The founder of the restaurant always says, “Everybody is somebody at Bob Evans.”

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