Blimpie Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Find Blimpie Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Blimpie Catering Menu Blimpie Catering Menu provides an amazing assortment of sandwiches made by a company that offers subs so good they can challenge top competitors in their field. The company has been operating since 1964 when they first launched in what’s arguably the sub-sandwich center of the universe, Hoboken New Jersey. From that point on, they’ve been expanding across the nation and offered delicious sandwiches to customers across 45 states, 15 countries in addition to more than 2000 locations. If you’re serving an entire group of lovers of sandwiches and want to cater to them, Blimpie’s Catering menu is sure to provide everything you require.

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Find the perfect sandwich for your catering in this menu:

Breakfast Muffin Platter Serves 10 $19.99
Boxed Lunches
Sub Boxed Lunch Per Person 6.79
Sandwiches & Wraps
Blimpie Blast Sub Serves 18 54.99
Wrap Platter Serves 10 59.99
Meat & Cheese Platter Serves 10 47.99
Cookie Platter Serves 20 19.99

Popular Catering Choices at Blimpie

If you choose to order Blimpie Blimpie for your catering event, you can choose to have any of their items delivered to your venue to ensure you get the most delicious sandwiches available for your occasion. The options don’t stop there you can get everything from sodas to wraps, sliders and even a gourmet dessert plate delivered to your place to ensure you have everything covered. There’s a lot to choose from their sandwich menu that it’s difficult to decide however, you’ll never have an issue finding something you like!

Blimpie Sliders

Sliders are delicious sandwiches that are served in single servings that can be ordered in large quantities to serve large numbers of people. If you’re ordering sliders, it’s just a matter of deciding which kind of sandwich you’d like made and the combinations are acceptable. Deli subs are the most popular sliders however, you can also purchase Paninis too.

Purchase yourself a Blimpie Slider Tray at $30.00 per 7-10 persons.

Blimpie Wraps Tray

Blimpie wraps are an extremely popular low-carb choice to cater and will provide unique benefit for your guests. Each wrap are made in accordance with the menu items and is wrapped in their traditional wraps or tasty spinach wraps.

You can wrap up your event for $30.00 for 7-10 attendees

Blimpie Lunch Boxes

They are an all-in one solution for catering your event, offering a tasty assortment of dishes for lunch that will satisfy any guest. They are an excellent choice for smaller gatherings as well as for events that require you to ensure that everyone receives all the food they require in one convenient container that is portable.

Have your event boxed for $6.00 for a box.

Gourmet Dessert Platter

Every memorable event needs the sweetest ending This is the reason you should invest in Their gourmet dessert Platter for making your dinner complete. You’ll be able to pick from their variety of cookies choices to make sure that everyone has their own favorite cookies, and you can even purchase more than one to ensure that everyone gets their choice.

End the evening with a sweet music for just $17.00 for 24 guests

Enjoy Blimpie’s Catering Offering

The catering services offered by Blimpie make them a great option for any occasion regardless of whether it’s a family reunion or an event for corporate. Contrary to other catering options, you’re sure to receive an excellent and fresh selection of sandwiches that blend excellent taste and ease of use in a compact package. If you have enough time, you’ll be able to have this service offered for any catering event of any size You’re advised to make a call prior to seeking the services to ensure everything is handled according in accordance with your requirements. Let your next catered party be Blimpie!

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