BJ’s Catering Menu Prices updated 2021

BJ’s Catering Menu Prices 2021. The full menu of the restaurant is updated for 2021. Dinner, lunch, and meals menu, drinks and children’s menu. Northern Michigan’s BJ’s Catering is a restaurant. Since 1972 the restaurant is serving delicious food across the state.

The restaurant is skilled in the planning and managing of special occasions. It caters for schools, families corporate events, schools and other events. The restaurant also offers catering services and numerous function rooms that customers can use to host special occasions. Customers can ask for special services from one location.

Customers are able to choose from a range of menu options in this dining establishment. Customers can pick between American, Mexican, or Italian dishes. Customers can select between of buffet or plated meal. They offer exceptional catering services for various types of events. The restaurant is equipped with everything you need, including tables chairs, chairs, and decor for your event, making it memorable.

Below are the latest BJ’s catering prices 2021

BJ’s caterers serve delicious sandwiches that are delicious and pure freshness. The best sandwiches offered by BJ consist of sandwiches like the Deli Fresh Sandwich Ring Ring, Wellsley Farms mini croissant sandwich platter and the 3-foot American Hero Sub. BJ’s sandwiches are sold for just $26.99 and accommodate up to 10 people. The main goal for any gathering is to entertain your guests. The delicious deli is made up of the Wellsley Farms Entertainer Platter and honey Ham.

It’s packed with honey, roast beef jam as well as American cheese. You can purchase it with the Italian Meat and Cheese platter, which includes Genoa salami as well as slicing pepperoni. You can delight your guests by serving them deli food.

BJ’s Catering Menu & Prices List 2021



BJ’s Catering Super Sandwiches Menu 2021

While you’re putting together the rest of the party, BJ’s will be putting together unbelievable sandwiches stacked high with freshness and flavor. Everyone will love them, so make sure you order enough.
Wellsley Farms Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter
Contains 30 mini sandwiches. Wellsley Farms roast beef, oven-roasted turkey and honey ham. (serves 10-15)
Wellsley Farms Deluxe Sandwich Ring
Honey ham, smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. (serves 12-15)
Dietz & Watson Deluxe Sandwich Ring
Honey ham, smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. (serves 12-15)
3-Foot American Hero Sub
Wellsley Farms roast beef, deluxe ham, Wellsley Farms oven-roasted turkey, Land O’ Lakes yellow or white cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato. (serves 10-12)
3-Foot Italian Hero Sub
Important ham, slicing pepperoni, capicola, mortadella, Genoa salami, provolone cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoe. (serves 10-12)

BJ’s Catering  Delicious Deli Menu And Prices

BJ’s Catering  Delicious Deli

Take deli to delicacy level at your party. Choose from a variety of platters that feature the leading quality brands of meats and cheese. It’s a sure way to put out the best for your guests.
Dietz & Watson Entertainer Platter
Dietz & Watson roast beef, gourmet lite turkey, Virginia baked ham, rotisserie chicken breast and Land O’ Lakes American cheese. (serves 20-25)
Wellsley Farms Entertainer Platter
Wellsley Farms honey ham, roast beef, oven-roasted turkey breast, over-roasted chicken breast, provolone cheese and Land O’ Lakes American cheese. (serves 20-25)
Wellsley Farms Lighter Fare Platter
Wellsley Farms reduced sodium ham and turkey, smoked turkey breast, oven roasted chicken, lacey swiss cheese and Land O’ Lakes 2% American cheese. (serves 20-25)
Italian Meat and Cheese Platter
Genoa salami, slicing pepperoni, capicola, domestic prosciutto, mortadella and Wellsley Farms provolone cheese. (serves 20-25)

BJ’s Catering Scrumptious Sweets Menu 2021

BJ’s Catering Scrumptious SweetsBJ’s Catering Scrumptious Sweets

Everybody loves dessert and BJ’s has everyone’s favorites. Treat your guests to a wonderful selection of freshly baked assorted pastry and cookie platters. It’s your way of saying, “I’m so glad you could come.”
Cookie Platter Assortment
An assortment of Wellsley Farms cookies: chocolate chip, white chocolate, oatmeal and chocolate brownie. (serves up to 24)
Breakfast Platter Assortment
An assortment of our croissants, danish and mini muffins. (serves 12-15)

Pros of BJ’s Catering Menu 2021

BJ’s caterers will make your event effortless and stress-free. Catering company BJ’s offers mobile kitchens with insurance that permit them to cook fresh food during the event.

Catering business offers various menu options to its clients. There are menus that cater to kids. You can also order hamburgers as well as small snacks.

Lunch, breakfast, and dinner are among the top options for this eatery. There are several food options available to satisfy your cravings.

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How to Orderd Frome BJ’s Catering Menu

BJ’s caterers have a commitment to providing top-quality service and ease of use to their clients. Customers interested to place an order online may call the restaurant on their business number.

A deposit of a fixed amount is required to set the date for catering. Restaurants will see the deposit as an agreement that you sign with them. The restaurant provides a broad selection of choices of food options when it comes to selecting its menu. Customers can choose of choosing from boxed lunches or complete meals.

Customers are required to supply an exact headcount, the venue as well as food preference, along with the theme and the type of event when making and confirming their reservations. Cash or credit card. A final count should be submitted by Friday prior to the event.

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