BGood Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Find BGood Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices 2021

B.Good was founded with the purpose of serving healthy, delicious food for their customers and they achieve it successfully in-house as well as by offering their Catering Menu. With their amazing service, they’ve been providing delicious burgers made from sustainably sourced places which include their own farms. They aim to connect their customers through their food and the locations. If you’re a good customer will have the ability to choose their menu items as well as volunteer at their farm, or join in the ever-growing community of BGood.

B Good Catering Menu Prices

See their complete catering service below:

Craft Sandwiches
Balado $8.99
BBQ Chicken $8.99
Latin Chicken $8.99
Picnic $8.99
Burger Bar
Create Your Own Burger $8.49
Premium Toppings For Burgers $0.49
Slider Bar $4.99
Premium Toppings For Sliders $0.29
Green & Grains Bowls
Power Bowl $37.99
Local Apple & Bacon $37.99
Spicy Avocado & Lime $37.99
Add Protein To Your Bowl $1.59
Harvest Kale Small $32.99
Harvest Kale Large $45.99
Chicken Caesar Small $32.99
Chicken Caesar Large $45.99
Southwestern Chicken Small $32.99
Southwestern Chicken Large $45.99
Citrus Avocado Salad Small $32.99
Citrus Avocado Salad Large $45.99
Add Protein $1.59
Hand-Cut Chips Small $15.99
Hand-Cut Chips Large $29.99
Toasted Italian Pasta Salad Small $16.99
Toasted Italian Pasta Salad Large $39.99
Southwest Black Bean Salad Small $16.99
Southwest Black Bean Salad Large $39.99
Note: These Items May Vary From Day To Day.
Butternut Squash Soup $49.99
4-Bean Chili $49.99

Box Lunches

Boxed Lunch $13.99
Boxed Lunch with Cookie $15.99

Egg Bowls

The Basque Small $7.19
The Basque Large $35.95
The Classic Small $7.19
The Classic Large $35.95
The Ranchers Small $7.19
The Ranchers Large $35.95

Egg Sandwiches

The Local $5.99
West Side $5.99

Breakfast Bowls

Yogurt Power Elvis Small $5.99
Yogurt Power Elvis Large $29.95
Oatmeal Power Elvis Small $5.99
Oatmeal Power Elvis Large $29.95
Yogurt Wake Up Small $5.99
Yogurt Wake Up Large $29.95
Oatmeal Wake Up Small $5.99
Oatmeal Wake Up Large $29.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.49
Smoothies & Drinks
Homemade Lemonades $8.99
Homemade Tea $8.99
4 Petal Agua Frescas $3.99
Bottled Water $2.49
Breakfast Drinks $5.99
Vanilla Shake $5.99
Chocolate Shake $5.99
Kale Crush $6.99
Acai Berry $6.99
Strawberry Banana $6.99
Lucy Blue $6.99

Popular Catering Choices at BGood

There’s only one option for catering when you visit BGood and it’s a good option is one of the top hamburgers and the only one that customers are actively making a reality. But, in addition to the burgers, you will also purchase their full-sized burgers as well as their sliders. Both are available with any of their top toppings. If you choose to hire BGood as your caterer for your party, guests will be delighted.

Check out some of their most-loved products on the list below:

Burger Bar

B.Good’s amazing burgers are offered on their catering menus and come with the taste and design of their classic hamburger. When you offer an option like this at your event, you can be sure they’ll be thrilled to eat, it’s just similar to a backyard barbecue, but without the mess or clean-up. There’s a variety between Chicken Sandwiches, Turkey Burgers as well as beef burgers, and Veggie Burgers.

You can bring burgers to your gathering for $8.49 per person.

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Premium Toppings For Burger Bar

The classic burgers from Burger King are not complete without the possibility to top them off with their tasty selection of top-quality toppings. You can choose from a selection of Jalapeno Slaw to give you a zingy bite, fresh cilantro fresh salsa with sauteed and caramelized onions and avocado, smashed avocado cheddar bacon, Smoked Gouda.

Each topping is priced at $0.49-$1.59 depending on the type of topping.

Slider Bar

Slider bars are ideal for those who want light bites but with all the tasty options that is available at B.Good. B.Good eating experience. Sliders are mini-burgers that are able to satisfy people with large appetites and those looking for something lighter. There is the same variety of protein that you can find on the menu for burgers.

They are priced at $5.49 per person.

Premium Toppings For Slider Bar

The B.Good toppings list is identical for sliders just as you would for the hamburger bar. There’s only less! There’s fresh salsa, jalapeno-slaw, bacon, smashed avocado sauteed, sauteed mushroom as well as smoke Gouda and onions caramelized, cilantro along with sharp cheddar. All of them work just as well on sliders as they do on large hamburgers.

Pick your favorite from their options at $0.29-$1.59 as a topping.

Enjoy BGood’s Catering Offering

If you’re feeding a huge crowd, nothing can make them more excited than fresh, hot, delicious hamburgers from their favorite hamburger shop. BGood assures you that you’ll be delighted with their menu and offers an array of delicious options in combination with the four kinds of proteins and the variety of toppings that you can mix with. Contact BGood today to get estimates for catering and make sure that your event is greeted with positive reviews and delighted guests.

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