Barberitos Catering Menu And Prices 2021

Find Barberitos Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Barberitos Catering Menu has been voted one of the top Mexican family restaurants for many years. This restaurant was founded in Athens in Georgia. Downing Barber started it to serve delicious burritos to customers. Today, the restaurants also offer catering services at large and in-house. Named after the owners’ last names and the word burrito. You can order your event by visiting Barberitos. Say hello to Pepe the chili pepper mascot.

Barberitos Catering Menu

Below is a complete listing of their catering menu:


Barberitos Catering Buffet Style Menu

Fajita Bar $10.00
Nacho Bar $10.00
Taco Bar $9.00
Skinny Burrito Box $9.00
Fatty Burrito Box $9.50
Heavy D Burrito Box $10.00

Barberitos Catering Salads Menu 2021

Salad Bar $9.00

Barberitos Catering Sides Menu

Cheese Dip & Chips Serves 6 $14.99
Guacamole & Chips Serves 6 $14.99
Heavy D Salsa & Chips Serves 6 $12.99
Pico de Gallo & Chips Serves 6 $12.99
Tomatillo Salsa & Chips Serves 6 $12.99

Barberitos Catering Desserts Menu 2021

Cookie $0.85

Barberitos Catering Beverages 

Gallon Sweet Tea Serves 8-10 $6.00
Gallon Unsweet Tea Serves 8-11 $6.00
Assorted Waters & Sodas $2.00

Popular Catering Choices at Barberitos

Barberitos Burrito Box is a great place to take large groups of people. Barberitos offers Burrito Box Catering. This includes ordering any of their popular bars, including the Nacho Bar, Taco, Salad, Salad, and Nacho Bar. All orders come with complimentary chips or salsa.
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Nacho Bar

It’s satisfying to eat a plate of nachos. Barberitos’ delicious nachos have been a favorite of their customers for many years. They are eager to bring this amazing dish to your event.

Yours for $9.50 per head

Taco Bar

Tacos are among the most beloved foods in the world. Barberitos tacos is a favorite. You can get them with a house-smoked chipotle glaze, shredded cheese, sour cream, and lettuce. You can fill yours with either hard corn shells (or soft flour wraps), and char-grilled chicken or steak.

You can get this item for as low as $9.50 per head

Fajita Bar

Fajitas will entice all who are interested by the delicious sounds and delicious smells. A combination of sauteed onion & peppers cooked in char-grilled chicken and steak goes well with their traditional toppings. These include pico de gallo and black beans.

A great deal at $10.50 a person

Burrito Platter

Burrito Platter is a favorite choice for large parties due to its ability to please and the affordability of large batches. This order comes with all the usual condiments such as veggies, shredded cheese, and pico de gallo. It can also be served with chicken or steak.

For $7.00 per person, get yours

Enjoy Barberitos’ Catering Offering

Barberitos delivers delicious Mexican food to your door. You will impress your guests with these delicious dishes and they will be eager to attend the next event. There are more than 50 locations across the United States. One of the original locations can still be found at Athens in Georgia. It has been open since its inception.

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