Auntie Anne’s Catering Menu and Prices 2021

Find Auntie Anne’s Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

You can use Auntie Anne’s Catering Menu to plan a family event or to reward your employees. This popular restaurant started in Middletown PA at a Saturday Market. Your unique opportunity to create a memorable experience for your customers will be unmatched.

Auntie Anne's Catering

See their complete catering menu below.


Find Auntie Anne’s Catering Pretzels Menu

Pretzel Package Small (Serves 12) $29.99
Pretzel Package Medium (Serves 25) $45.99
Pretzel Package Large (Serves 50) $99.99
Pretzel Package Extra Large (Serves 100) $159.99
Pretzel Nuggets Small (Serves 18) $17.50
Pretzel Nuggets Large (Serves 32) $31.50
Pretzel Dog Package Small (Serves 12) $34.99
Pretzel Dog Package Large (Serves 25) $65.99
Mini Pretzel Dogs Small (Serves 22) $42.00
Mini Pretzel Dogs Large (Serves 30) $56.00

Find Auntie Anne’s Catering Dips Menu 2021

Sweet Mustard Dip Per Person $0.50
Cheese Dip Per Person $0.50
Sweet Glaze Dip Per Person $0.50
Melted Cheese Dip Per Person $0.50
Light Cream Cheese Dip Per Person $0.50
Caramel Dip Per Person $0.50
Hot Salsa Cheese Dip Per Person $0.50
Marinara Dip Per Person $0.50

Auntie Anne’s Favorite Catering Options

Auntie Anne’s will provide plenty of packages of pretzels to serve large groups, ranging from 12 to 100. You can choose from full pretzels, favorites, full, or mini pretzel dog options. Your guests will love them.

A pretzel platter is incomplete without a side selection, and Auntie Anne’s isn’t afraid to offer a variety of sides. Sweet Mustard and Cheese, Light Cream Cheese, as well as other items, can all be found in one place.

Here’s a selection of their most-loved menu items, with a twist.

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Pretzel Nuggets

This pretzel nugget is the best accompaniment to any meal. You can either serve it with light cream cheese or traditional cheese dip.

Order 18 and get $17.50 each, or 32 and get $31.50

Raisin Soft Pretzels

Pretzels are usually associated with two flavors: warm fresh dough and salt. It’s not surprising that Auntie Anne’s soft raisin pretzel is a popular choice. These pretzels consist of a delicious warm dough filled full of delicious raisins. To go with them, we recommend their Sweet Glaze dip.

Pretzel packs come in sizes ranging from 12 to $29.99 and 100 to $159.99.

Pepperoni Soft Pretzels

What’s the deal? There are two options: a pizza, or a soft pretzel. There are two options. These pepperoni soft pretzels are topped with a mixture of three types of cheese and pepperoni. This is a great pairing with their Marinara sauce.

Pretzel packs come in sizes ranging from 12 to $29.99 and 100 to $159.99.

Cheese Pretzel Dog

It all starts with a brilliant idea. A pretzel dough, Nathan’s Famous hotdog, and three delicious kinds of cheese are the ingredients. After carefully wrapping the hot dogs in a wrapper made from warm pretzels, the cheese blend of their house is added to the top and the hot dog is baked to perfection. It will be a memorable treat that your guests will appreciate.

You can get their full-size cheese pretzel dogs in a 12 pack for $34.99 or 24 packs for $65.99

Auntie Anne’s catering offerings

Auntie Anne’s Catering Menu can be ordered at any time. No matter if you’re hosting an office party or a Super Bowl party, people won’t be disappointed by warm pretzels. Especially when they are wrapped around some of our best hot dogs. Auntie Anne’s has been making soft, delicious pretzels a global favorite for many centuries.

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