Albertson’s Catering Menu And Prices 2021

Find Albertson’s Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Albertson’s caters menu may be the best choice for you if you’re in search of a premium grocery store that can help you cater for the next event. The most well-known grocery store chain in America has hundreds of locations across the country.

Albertson’s knows how important it is to cater to large parties. They have several ways that you can order food for large groups. You might be looking for traditional party platters or desserts? They’ve got you covered.

Albertsons Catering Menu

Albertson understands that sometimes it’s better to keep things simple and inexpensive. They are the best way to get the food you need for any party or event.

You can check out their catering menu by clicking here.


Deli Chicken

Fried Chicken 8 pc $6.99
Chicken Buckets $10.99
Fried Chicken Party Pack 50 pcs $39.99
Fried Chicken Party Pack 100 pcs $79.99
Fried Chicken Party Pack 150 pcs $119.99
Fried Chicken Party Pack 250 pcs $199.99
Fried Chicken Party Pack 300 pcs $239.99
Fried Chicken Party Pack 500 pcs $399.99

Deli Fruit And Veggie Trays

Fruit & Fromage Tray Medium $54.99
Fruit & Fromage Tray Large $69.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray Small round $24.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray Medium round $39.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray Large Round $49.99

Deli Party Trays

Big Dipper Tray Serve 18 $44.99
Cest Cheese Tray Serve 16 $49.99
Caprese Kabob Serve 8 $49.99
Cheese Lovers Tray Small $33.99
Cheese Lovers Tray Medium $54.99
Cheese Lovers Tray Large $59.99
Customers Choice Tray Small round $34.99
Customers Choice Tray Medium square $44.99
Customers Choice Tray Large square $59.99
Insalata Caprese Tray Small $16.99
Insalata Caprese Tray Medium $22.99
Just Turkey, Ham or Beef Tray Small $29.99
Just Turkey, Ham or Beef Tray Medium $39.99
Just Turkey, Ham or Beef Tray Large $59.99
Meat Lovers Tray Small $32.99
Meat Lovers Tray Medium $42.99
Meat Lovers Tray Large $52.99
Mediterranean Meza Tray $49.99
New Yorker Tray Small $29.99
New Yorker Tray Medium $34.99
New Yorker Tray Large $44.99
Relish This Small $24.99
Relish This Medium $34.99
Thats Italian Tray Small $39.99
Thats Italian Tray Medium $59.99
Ultimate Tray Small $39.99
Ultimate Tray Medium $49.99
Ultimate Tray Large $59.99

Deli Sub Sandwiches

Foot Party Subs Serve 16 $34.99
Foot Party Subs Serve 32 $59.99

Dietz And Watson Premium Trays

All Wrapped Up Platter Serve 8 $39.99
Entertainer Platter Serve 8 $24.99
Grand Appetizer Platter Serve 8 $39.99
Tuscan Platter Serve 8 $29.99
Wine Lovers Treat Platter Serve 8 $29.99

Sandwich Trays

Club Sandwiches with Salad Serve 10 $24.99
Finger Sandwiches with Sliced Meats Serve 12 $34.99
Hoagie Sandwich Tray Serve 10 $49.99
Hye Roller Tray Small $26.99
Hye Roller Tray Medium $36.99
Hye Roller Tray Large $44.99
Pita Pocket Tray Serve 12 $34.99
The Works Tray Small $16.99
The Works Tray Medium $22.99
Traditional Sandwiches Serve 12 $49.99

Seafood Trays

Krab Flake & Crab Cheese Ball Serve 14 $19.99
Shrimp & Crab Cheese Ball Serve 14 $24.99
Shrimp & Crab Flake Serve 18 $24.99

Snack Square Trays

Croissant Sandwiches Serve 10 $14.99
Fruit & Cheese Serve 8 $16.99
Hot Wings Serve 8 $16.99
Hye Roller Serve 8 $16.99
Mini Club Sandwiches Serve 8 $14.99
Sliders Serve 8 $16.99
Spinach Dip Serve 8 $16.99

Popular Catering Choices at Albertson’s

Albertson’s isn’t your usual caterer. They create large platters and menu items from the ingredients they find in their grocery shops. This is an old-fashioned, but more common way of catering.

Albertson’s catering menus are very popular with their loyal customer base. You will find a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, entrees, and cakes on large, beautifully presented platters.

These are the most popular items on Albertson’s catering menu.

Wine Lover’s Treat Platter

Wine Lover’s treat platters are a great way to provide snacks and other food for guests during the event. This is a great way of providing a lot of variety for your next catered event.

It includes cheddar cheeses and Picante provolone. Each platter is only $29.99

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Club Sandwiches And Salad

Club Sandwiches and Salad Platter are the perfect way to start a large platter with various sandwiches for your next event. You can choose from chicken or tuna sandwiches and a salad.

It can serve between 10-12 persons. The sandwich tray retails for $39.99.

Fried Chicken Party Pack

If you are looking for something more filling, the Fried Chicken Party Pack may be the right choice. The Fried Chicken Party Pack comes with chicken wings, legs, legs, and thighs.

It’s the perfect way for Southern comfort to be added to your next meal. Each platter is $39.99

12” Message Cookie Cake

No matter the reason for your event, the 12’’ Message Cookie Cake is an excellent choice. This cookie cake can be customized with your message to make a delicious dessert.

It can serve up to 8 people and is only $9.99/cake

Albertson’s Catering Offering

Albertson’s will likely have the right product for you, no matter what it is. Albertson’s is a popular caterer that has the resources and experience of an entire grocery chain. This makes them one of the most trusted grocery store caterers in the nation.

Their website allows you to order any item from their catering menu. Just select your nearest grocery store and place an order. Most menu items, require 24-hour notice. You can view the individual details of each menu item on their website.

You should make sure you check out all they have before making any decisions. It’s essential to make sure you don’t miss any of the world-class Albertson’s dishes, especially with such a vast menu!

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